PPST Tournaments:
PPPoker’s flagship tournament series.


The PPSTs are PPPoker app’s flagship poker tournament series. Created and designed by Primetime Union, these exclusive events bring together a large number of players who enjoy games full of excitement.

What are PPST tournaments?

PPST tournaments (PPpoker Shared Tournaments) are a set of exclusive tournaments that you can enjoy in PPPoker. Created and designed by PrimeTime Mega Union, these tournaments share the hallmarks of this union: security, excitement, innovation and, above all, true passion for poker.

PrimeTime Mega Union is the entity in charge of the correct functioning and development of these events. In fact, both the technical and financial aspects are under Primetime’s control, which translates into a guarantee of security and reliability.

How to participate in PPST tournaments?

To participate in these exclusive events that already have a long history in PPPoker, we encourage you to join the Primetime Mega Union.

Primetime Mega Union presents itself as the best poker environment to host your clubs or your union. Primetime Mega Union hosts club unions, sharing traffic and adding an extra dose of excitement to the tables.

Don’t hesitate and offer the best setting to play poker to your players. Also, enjoy all the excitement of PPPoker’s quintessential tournaments: PPST. Contact through Telegram and find out what steps to follow to play poker in the best mega-union in the world.

Advantages of PrimeTime Mega Union

If you already know all the advantages of Primetime Union, you won’t be surprised to learn that joining Primetime Mega Union is packed with benefits. Check out the reasons why so many club unions have chosen to join Primetime Mega Union below:

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