Welcome to Spin and Go Poker Tournaments!

Do you want to know everything about SPINS tournaments, the game mode that sweeps through online poker?

Spin & Go Poker are very fast and dynamic tournaments with multipliers that allow to increase the final prize. In this type of PPPoker tournaments 3 players can participate and only one of them will be the winner.

For example:

Buy – in : 1$
Multiplier: x100
Prize for the winner of the Spin: $100

Spins are the kings of rooms and the modality per excellence of online poker players, since the opportunity to win large sums with very small tickets is a great attraction. The first room to celebrate them known was Pokerstars with its so-called Spins & Go Poker. There are different varieties and formats of SPINS (NLH, PLOH) and, depending on their structure, the blinds will increase in one way or another, just like in Turbo tournaments where the blinds usually increase every 5 minutes instead of 10. This means that the fewer hands there are to play with, the sooner you will reach the prizes.

PPPoker has recently launched a new modality called SpinsUp, among which there are two types of Spins: PPST SpinUP, tournaments where all the clubs in the union share tables; and, on the other hand, SpinUp that take place at private tables in the particular club where you want to play.

In our clubs you will find 16 levels of blinds, although in each one they will progressively increase in a different way, ranging from 2 to 5 minutes. In addition, there are different Stakes that can be played within the SpinsUp and within each club:

It should be noted that in SpinsUp, the Prize Multipliers also vary according to their probabilities. Here you can see the odds table at PPPoker SpinUp:

Multiplier Probability of that multiplier happening