Welcome to Spin and Go Poker Tournaments!

Spin and Go tournaments are one of the most popular tournament series in the poker world. Its hyper turbo format, the expectation around the multipliers that can appear and a pool reduced to three players maximum, are the features that make this poker tournament one of the most loved by players. 

Want to know more about these frenetic and exciting tournaments? We tell you all about spin and go!

What are the poker spins?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Spin & Go poker are very fast and dynamic tournaments that have multipliers that allow you to increase the final prize. In this type of PPPoker tournaments 3 players can participate and only one of them will be the winner.

This is the tournament modality par excellence for online poker players as they are the perfect option to turn a small initial buy-in into a good sum of money.

An example of this are the sit and go games that start from an investment of 0.25 cents and can reach 2,500 euros if multiplied by 12,000. The prize pool of the poker spins is established randomly and can be up to a thousand times the initial buy-in. 

Thus, if there is one thing that characterizes sit and go tournaments, it is their frenetic nature. These games are designed for a fast and dynamic game, adding extra excitement thanks to the multipliers, which can magnify the rewards.

SPINSUP: The PPPoker modality

PPPoker launched its own version of traditional spins and go: SpinsUp. Within this modality, which is fully influenced by the spins and go, it can be divided into the spins up that take place on private tables of a particular club, and the PPPST SpinUp, these are those that gather all the clubs of the Primetime union to share a table.

How do spin and go work?

There are different varieties and formats of SPINS (NLH, PLO) and, depending on their structure, the blinds will increase in one way or another, as happens in turbo tournaments where the blinds usually increase every 5 minutes instead of 10. This means that the fewer hands there are to play, the sooner you will reach the prizes.

Generally speaking, in Spin & Go Poker tournaments players have starting stacks of 500 chips. Depending on the modality chosen, the rules will be different. Another aspect that may vary is the initial buy-in. And the fact is that the poker spin tournaments adapt to any pocket: from 0.25 cents to 250 euros, depending on the amount that each player wants to invest. Everything will be in proportion to the amount that can be won according to the multiplier of the prize pool (from 2 to 12,000 times the initial value of the buy-in).

But when do multipliers come into play? Here we must talk about the probabilities in spin and go. We have made a table so that you can see the probability of prizes in these poker tournaments:

Multiplicador Probabilidad de que salga ese multiplicador












In addition to the probability, the frequency is another aspect to take into account when participating in any of the modalities of Spin & Go poker, since each version sets its own values in the algorithm of the game. We recommend that you look at the lowest frequencies, since the 5 highest frequencies are always the same, regardless of the mode.

If you want to learn more about how sit and go tournaments work, don’t miss this article.

How to play spin and go?

Many players are concerned about learning spin and go techniques. And no wonder. These tournaments require a strategy that allows you to dominate the game from start to finish. 

Although the premise of spin and go games is to let yourself go and enjoy poker in a different way, with small games but full of rhythm, this is not synonymous with not following a strategy or not putting into practice certain tactics. Learning to win spin and go is possible and, to achieve it, you must determine a profit target. 

Many amateur poker players have found spins difficult to master precisely because they have not set a profit limit that can limit the volume of bets and winnings. However, all the strategies that you apply to a spin and go game have to be when you are concentrated, since the speed with which the game develops makes the wear and tear on the mental level very high.

Scheduling the sessions, studying the so-called heads-up and not folding on the button are other keys that can help you shape your final strategy and be an ace when it comes to how to win in spin and go.

Spin and go preflop tables: What are they?

Spin and go preflop tables can be very useful when deciding whether to push or fold in a given situation. They are especially useful if you haven’t got any reads from your opponents, something that happens very often in hyper turbo games.

The preflop tables of spin and go games will show different values depending on which player and which position is taken as a reference. Thus, the button table has nothing to do with the small blind.

These tables are, in any case, indicative and complementary to the readings that the player can obtain from the opponents during the games.