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Nowadays, the offer of poker clubs where you can enjoy a game with friends is very high. There is so much to choose from, so many platforms on which to spend hours of fun, that many advocate registering their clubs in so-called Unions. A poker Union is something similar to a poker network, where several poker clubs share traffic with each other by being part of a single platform. By being under the umbrella of the same name, all poker clubs that are part of the union benefit from the growing flow of players, making the games more competitive and fostering the growth of both the platform and the club. Joining forces to go all in on massive traffic is a winning strategy for these clubs, which are looking to grow together with other poker clubs. In this way, through the union, a truly beneficial synergy is created, sharing milestones and making each club maintain and improve its position on the platform.

Are you a poker agent with ambition and desire to grow and want to achieve success for your poker club? Primetime Mega Union gives you the best deals! Better than other apps or unions, guaranteed! Primetime Mega Union is the best poker union on the market and the one that gives you the action you need to recruit players and make your club reach its full potential.

How do poker unions work

When several poker clubs are integrated within the same skin, making that all tables are shared within the same group, we are talking about a Union. A poker Union is not only a group of clubs, but a group of clubs that act in consonance, sharing their traffic and adding the game offer of the rest to their own, multiplying the game possibilities.

Both the games and the multi-table tournaments, as well as the supervision of the different poker clubs that are part of the Union are the responsibility of the owner of the Union or its director, who has the duty to ensure the proper functioning of all its clubs. This is the case of Primetime, the PPPoker Union that has proven to work perfectly thanks to the good management of its team. It is worth mentioning that the alliances do not have a further role, i.e. these agreements operate independently of the poker applications themselves.

How to create a poker club to join Primetime Megaunion

In poker a Union is key for those who want to expand their boundaries beyond recreational poker. Competition goes far beyond joining a table and playing with other users, and clubs are a perfect way to make the possibilities of the game multiply. But to set up a poker club in the PPPoker App you have to follow a series of steps. If you don’t know what they are, we tell you about them on this page so that you can join your club to Primetime Megaunion.

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