Welcome to PPPoker MTT Tournaments!

Tournaments are one of the most exciting ways to enjoy online poker. Each player who wants to participate only has to pay the buy-in and will get a number of chips with which to develop his game.

The truth is that you can find a wide variety of types of tournaments, each one of them with its own rules. This is the case of freerolls, the best option to get your ticket to more important tournaments; turbo tournaments, which develop at a frenetic pace or Sit&Go, whose variety is the secret of their great success among users.

These, along with many others, provide a good dose of adrenaline and excitement for their participants. However, many poker players consider that it is in the multi-table tournaments where the real fun lies.

Below, we tell you all about how to play MTT poker tournaments

How to play MTT poker tournaments

The great attraction of multi-table tournaments is the large jackpots and prize pools to which players aspire.

The more players, the greater the chances of winning the prizes, so many users are encouraged to develop all their skill with the cards in these exciting events. In fact, such is the number of players that multi-table tournaments attract, that, for example, in PPPoker mtt more than 1,000 players can be concentrated in the most important events.

In addition, multi-table tournaments allow you to properly control your bankroll, since they start with fixed and really low buy-ins. Every day, you can participate in one of these tournaments where a high traffic of players is concentrated.

If you have ever wondered how to play mtt poker tournaments, you only have to pay the initial buy-in, for which you will receive a certain number of chips. These tournaments are scheduled at a specific time and date, so you will have to pay attention to the registration period in order to participate.

Throughout the tournament, the blinds are gradually increased. If you lose your chips, your participation in the tournament is over, hence the importance of being very cautious in the first hands.

As its name suggests, a multi-table tournament is one in which there are several tables of players in the same tournament. All players start their hand on equal terms and can change tables randomly.

MTT tournament strategy

The multi-table tournaments are divided into different phases, during which you will have to hold on to reach the end and opt for the jackpot or prize.

This division by phases requires a different game in each one of them, as well as to follow a good MTT tournament strategy that will lead you to the coveted jackpot that is at stake.

Mtt tournament strategy: initial phase

During the first phase of the tournament, the players have a very balanced stack of chips, since they have all started on equal terms. In addition, the blinds are small in relation to the amount of chips each player has.

Since it is not possible to win a tournament at this stage, your strategy for multi-table tournaments in the first phase will be to develop a tight game, that is to say, to select very well the hands on which you bet.

Mtt tournament strategy: second phase

In the second or intermediate phase of multi-table tournaments, the blinds increase. The stacks start to become unequal and the differences between players with big stacks and those with small stacks become more and more evident.

So, depending on the stack you have, you will have to opt for one strategy or another. If you have a limited stack, a tight game is the better option. Otherwise, we recommend you to change gears and start with a more aggressive game.

Mtt tournament strategy: third phase

Towards the end of the tournament, the most appropriate strategy is to go all-in or fold.

This is a point in the tournament where players with low stacks simply hold on, while those with a good number of chips do not give the rest of the players a break.

How to win MTT poker tournaments

Given the variety of players, you can find opponents of all levels, so if you want to know how to win MTT poker tournaments, don’t miss the following tips:

Be cautious in the first hands

As you already know, the goal of multi-table tournaments is to hold on until the end. Remember that you will not win the tournament in the first phases, as there are several of them, but you could lose it by making an inadequate use of your bankroll and betting on all the hands.

In the first levels, the wisest thing to do is to know your opponents, analyze their game and get as much information as possible.

Adjust to your table

Multi-table tournaments are characterized by the movement of players from one table to another. Your opponent will change, so your game has to be in tune with the table.

Regardless of whether you are a tighter or looser player, watch your opponents and choose the type of play that could benefit you the most.

Continuation bets are a good option

A continuation bet is one that stems from a strong preflop bet. Imagine that you have been aggressive at this point in the hand, however, the flop has failed you.

A continuation bet would be a kind of bluff to try to make your opponent, who has seen how you have bet heavily, to fold, because he thinks you have a good hand. However, it is not advisable to abuse this tactic.

When faced with an abundant stack, play aggressively

If your stack recovers after a few unfavorable hands, change your game and start pressuring your opponents. You have to become an annoying player, who does not give a break to the rest of the table.

But always within the limits of your bankroll, because sticking to it will help you to make more coherent decisions.