How to join PPPoker Clubs on EasyPPPoker

Pay attention to the next guide that will serve you to complete the simple steps needed to join the best PPPoker Club here at EasyPPPoker.

Install the PPPoker App for iOS or Android

Enter the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store depending on your phone’s operating system and search for PPPoker. You can also find it at their official website.

But, if you like things simple, press the appropriate button you’ll find next and download the PPPoker App on your device.

Create an account

Have you already downloaded PPPoker? Now, to enter, you need to create an account registering into the PPPoker App or log in if you already have a username and a password. Click Login.

Choose the best PPPoker Clubs to join

Click on the lens and a window called “Join a Club” as seen in the picture will open next. Write the Club ID and the verification information (like your username) and wait to be accepted. You’ll be soon playing online poker!

Remember! The ID for the best PPPoker Club is:

Twelve Apostles

ID Club: 1267813

Easy and simple, right? Being part of the PPPoker Union allows you to compete in poker tournaments and you will be able to track your stats, study your improvements and plan better strategies. Also, if you’re interested to create multiple accounts to play poker in more than one table at a time, that is also possible.

How to play several tables on PPPoker?

If you are playing online poker, for sure you’ll be interested in creating more User-IDs on PPPoker to be able to multi-table. Luckily for you, that is possible!

The PPPoker App allows you to open the application on your device up to three times. This means you can launch the application three times and login with three different user accounts to play at different tables if you’re able to follow the games.

However, there are a few things you need to take into account if you’re about to create new user accounts on the PPPoker application.

First of all, create them from different devices. This will be must-do since PPPoker only allows you to create one user per device. Also, if you’re able to, create the accounts from other networks like differents WiFis.

Now, enjoy your game and the power of poker in your pocket!