How to create a poker club in PPPoker

First of all, there are two main types of clubs: live clubs and online clubs. When talking about traffic volume, the selection of club types is already narrowed down, as we only talk in these terms about online poker clubs.

In poker a Union is key for those who want to expand their boundaries beyond recreational poker. Competition goes far beyond joining a table and playing with other users, and clubs are a perfect way to make the possibilities of the game multiply.

But there are a number of steps you need to take to set up a poker club. If you don’t know what they are or how to create a poker club, we’ve outlined them below so that you know how to set up a successful one and make it part of a Union:

Step 1: Choose the best poker platform for your club

The first step is to choose where the club will be created. For example, Primetime was created on PPPoker, unifying the traffic of the clubs that are part of the Union and improving the performance of each of them.

Step 2: Install PPPoker App for iOS or Android

Do you want to join your club to the best poker Union? Download the App and join it!

Step 3: Formalize the registration

Once you have chosen the platform (PPPoker, in this case), you must proceed to complete the registration form. You must choose the name of the club, create a password to access and confirm the data.

Step 4: Send the invitations or make your ID public

Once the creation of the club has been confirmed, invitations must be sent so that those players designated by ourselves can join. The number limit for each platform varies, but usually the maximum numbers are in the range of 50 to 100. You can also publish your club’s ID so players looking for a poker club can find you easily.

Step 5: Organize a variety of gaming tables

For the Union to work, each club must manage its table offerings, so it is important to be disciplined in the management of each. Offer a variety of table types so that every player can find a place to enjoy poker in his or her own style.

Step 6: Plan your games and tournaments

It is essential to be orderly in planning, as it is important that the management of the tables is regular and that the games and tournaments take place uninterruptedly and periodically in the club. If all clubs operate in this way, the Union will be a success.

Being part of a poker Union is highly recommended, and the Primetime example is a good example of how sharing traffic between clubs is a winning strategy. Each of the clubs that were part of Primetime separately are now in a better position with the other clubs than when they existed independently.