f you already have the experience playing poker you will know that the greatest complexity of this game is not only in the game play or the technique – even if this is also important -, it also influences a lot the psychology and patience to bet even when you see that the results are not the best or are not coming out as you expected, as well as the ability to know how to withdraw in time. Below, we give you some tips and advice to play poker online so that your results get optimal, regardless of whether you have the experience or not. Just keep reading if you are willing to win.

Stay calm

The first tip for playing poker, whether as a rookie or for tournaments, is to learn how to control your mind. It is essential to keep calm when playing a poker game, regardless of whether it is online or in person. Many times the amount that is played is high and sometimes the results are good and other times they are not so good, and there are situations that cannot be controlled when it comes to poker. You must learn to face the blows and continue with seriousness if you do not want to fall into the mistake of going to fast and make your losses bigger – which is known as tilt -, leaving you without support in the bankroll. If necessary, leave the table for a few minutes or disconnect to relax.


Concentration is the key. It is essential that you keep this advice in mind for poker tournaments, as well as amateur competitions and that you never forget it. Even if you master the technique and maths to perfection, if you are not able to concentrate and disconnect from the outside world and external problems, you will not be able to give your best. Poker is a game in which you have to carefully analyze every move, as well as analyze your cards. It is essential to focus on the game in order to win.

Make notes

As we mentioned before, the main tips for poker tournaments are to stay calm and focused. Now, if you want to be able to retain all the information and make decisions based on reasoning and not on hunches, it is essential that you take notes when you are playing poker online. This poker tournament advice applies to online modes and can of course be used as poker advice for beginners. One of the things you can do is to analyze your opponents and categorize them by color labels according to the type of players they are, or the type of strategies they are carrying out.

Analyze your competitors

Many of the online applications offer rankings with the results of the best players, as well as the modalities in which they play, the duration of the tournaments, the rankings and more. This will help you know what type of player you are playing against at a given time.

Don’t play all the hands in the initial phase

This is a poker tip for rookies, especially. Because a lot of times, when we start playing, we overplay the number of hands we play. We get a lot of chips and pay a lot of flops in order to improve our cards. However, this strategy does not usually have good results in the long run because we end up wasting chips. What you should look for from the beginning is to get cards that are easy to play and that have a chance to create a good hand when you get to the showdown – compare hands at the end of the last round. Look for big pairs, and also look for the combination of the Ace with the King or with the Queen.

Close some tables when you get far

If you are playing several tournaments but you have gone too far in one and the stakes are high, it is better to focus on this one and close the tables of the other tournaments you may have at that time. There are many people who don’t take this advice into account when playing poker and end up getting distracted by less important ones and losing large amounts of money.

Play more loose pre-flop as you get past the starting level

Most games introduce the earlier ones when you pass from the initial levels. This means that players are forced to put a certain amount of chips in all hands, before they deal the cards. This is when you must take action as there are more chips to win, using a loose pre-flop strategy. Also, the stacks are smaller and it is more possible to take the blinds and the early ones, increasing the chips. The trend should be to get more and more aggressive as your cards improve.

Make aggressive moves

This doesn’t mean you’re playing all your chips for no reason. Of course, analyze the situation and take a decision based on that. But don’t just look at the bets and put more chips on the table. This way, you can take the pot with the best hand. By betting, you decide to grow the pot on the flop, the river and the turn.

Manage your bankroll

You have to learn how to manage your bankroll so that it can stand up to the times when there is a bad streak. Be more careful when the amount bet is higher. Don’t be obsessed with the results and the amount at stake and pass the bet if you don’t see it clearly.

Try out each mode progressively

Of course, no one is born an expert, so a poker tip for beginners is to start off progressively with the competitions and try the simpler modes first, such as Ohama, and the full-run modes in which the stakes are lower.