If you are interested in playing poker online for money, you better become acquainted with poker agents, since they are the ones that act the way another sports agent would, handling both business and legal deals for professional and amateur players, like it happens with some PPPoker Clubs, like Choco Club.

This figure is on charge of some important duties that will make the play more enjoyable for you and other players. Let’s us explain next the responsibilities of PPPoker agents.

What does a PPPoker agent do?

Getting players

Online poker is a game more enjoyable when shared with more players with similar skills like the ones you have. PPPoker agents are responsible of finding poker players interested in the softest games like the ones you’ll be able to play on the best PPPoker app. Also, they will give you the chance to get you into the most exclusive games found on the Internet.


It’s well-known that one of the most important roles a PPPoker agent has to fulfill is the finding and negotiation of sponsors, endorsements and important contracts. Especially for those poker agents that act like personal agents of some poker player, since they will become responsible for the deals since the first connection with the sponsor until the player signs the deal.

Getting the best deals

PPPoker agents also negotiate with the Clubs owners and agree to some interest offers and the best deals, so they can pass it through to their players.

On charge of deposits and withdrawals

Since PPPoker is just a software to play poker online and not an operator, to play at the rooms you must make your deposits and withdrawals through PPPoker agents.

How can you get in touch with a PPPoker agent?

It’s not difficult to find a PPPoker agent, since any poker player can find one. It’s important for you to understand that you’ll have to be familiar not only to the play but with the poker rules in order to get a poker agent attracted.

Of course, if you have the idea of playing poker tournaments and become the best poker player, a PPPoker agent will require another thinks, like a decent win rate, success in high-profile tournaments and to show a great position in the poker rankings.

What kind of players need a PPPoker agent?

To give you a short answer: if your idea is to play poker online for money, then you need a PPPoker agent. They are the ones who can give you the advantage of negotiating the best deals and offers and will always be organized and honest with you.

Also, since they will most likely be veteran poker players, they can give you advise and they can guide you through the game and your career, so that’s another important benefit to consider. This is the case of most important poker players’ stars, like Dennis Phillips, original from the November Nine or even Oliver Tse who just recently closed his agency.

That’s a decision you will have to take on your own. But our recommendation if you want to get to a certain level and to achieve the best poker results is to trust a PPPoker agent.