Considered by many as the magic word or expression in poker, an all in in poker means to bet everything, with the risks involved in going all in in poker. As soon as you know the basics of poker, you will understand why this move is so spectacular and movie-like, and is that betting all in is a move of no return. To understand the scope of this move and to understand what an all in in poker means, it is convenient to go back to its origins and the moment when it started to become popular.

A move born in online poker games

The use of the expression “all in” in poker has its origins in the online games of Texas Hold’Em no limit, obvious on the other hand: in other variants, going all in in poker only occurred when one of the players saw how the rest was not even able to cover the minimum bets of the hand.

With the rise of online poker and the popularization of No Limit Texas Hold’Em, the all in poker has become the cornerstone of many of the poker games played online today. But what exactly motivates the emergence of the so-called olin in poker?

In classic poker, a player could stay in the hand even if he had no money on the table to cover the bet. However, the so-called “all in poker rule” states that no player can be forced to lose a poker hand because he does not have enough chips to pay the bet.

Thus, going all-in in poker guarantees that you cover that difference and aim to win the part of the pot equivalent to the total amount of chips you have placed on the table. However, the complexity of the olin in poker is remarkable when there are several players who decide to go all-in, since side pots are generated that vary according to the amounts involved.

The complexity of the all-in rule

As always happens in poker, an all-in hides much more than it seems and you can play with this movement in many ways to get much more benefit from it – for example, when to make an all-in or when to pay our opponent’s all-in can influence a lot in the chances of victory of one or another player. A factor that takes on prominence at this point is that of “pot odds”. But, what exactly are they?

The expression pot odds refers to the ratio between the size of the pot and the bet we are forced to make to stay in the hand. When the pot odds are higher than the odds, then we must pay the bet or the all in if it has occurred.

This is just a sample of how complex the rules of the game can be in all in and poker, with multiple variations and calculations to make. As beneficial as an all in olin is, to play it masterfully requires experience in medium concepts and in calculating probabilities.

Elementary tips for going all in during a poker game

Any player can make an all in and there are two contexts in which it can occur: when the player simply decides to bet all his chips or when another player has made a bet equal to or greater than your stack of chips (remember that, if for example the bet is 1,000 and you only have 800, you would have to bet the 800 to maintain the bet and the 200 left over would accumulate in a side pot for which you would no longer play).

Making an olin in poker is much more than just a one-handed gamble: it carries a series of connotations from which the other players can also benefit or be harmed. In the all in and in poker, the rules must be clear to get the most out of the play, but the benefit that players get from the victory differs depending on the moment and the money on the table.

Let’s look at an example of a dual all in so you can see exactly what it means to go all in in poker. Let’s suppose there is a pot of 200 euros and you only have 50 euros left. Your opponent bets all in, the 200 euros, and in order not to lose the bet you have to go all in. To call, you put your last 50 euros in the pot. The difference that you have not been able to match is the one that your opponent takes first.

Although you already know what an olin in poker is, you must handle other variables besides the spreads and betting overlays. As we mentioned before, one of the keys is in the side pots and pot oods.

When three or more players are in the hand, it is common to get confused, especially when there is a main pot and three side pots. In addition, as it is much more common to make an all in in online poker and the rules are quite clear in this regard, there are players who tend to trust and do not pay attention to what is happening at the table.

Therefore, when we say that an olin is the play that in poker can put in check your possible victory, it is true: as there are several side pots and not all players can opt for the same, the final winnings of the rivals can be altered and have nothing to do with the initial forecasts, which requires having an alert mind at all stages of the game, as much as we like to enjoy a game of online poker from the sofa of our house with a soda in hand.