Poker lovers know that online poker has a lot of advantages over traditional poker. We have the possibility to play our strategies from the comfort of our home, to think more calmly about the actions we are going to perform and, of course, to increase our winnings by means of multitabling games in poker.

However, not everything is an advantage and there are situations in which the most inconsiderate players use strategies such as collusion poker to try to deceive the game house and the rest of players who are part of the same table. Collusion is clearly a trap in the game of poker. It is carried out between several players and is more difficult to detect in online poker. It is penalized for going against the rules of poker and can lead to temporary or permanent exclusion of all participants actively involved.

This is because it usually generates insecurity to the rest of the players, who can’t enjoy the games and feel cheated. Below, we explain in more detail what collusion poker is and how we can detect it to notify the violation of the rules. Let’s do it!

What is collusion poker?

Nobody likes to be cheated when they’re playing poker. Poker players, as well as those in any other game – whether betting or not – need a series of guarantees in order to play clean games that are free of cheating and surprises. In poker it is fundamental, above all, because this is a game of strategy and individual, in which luck has a lot of influence, but also the technique of each one to be able to obtain real yields.

Collusion poker consists in playing poker strategically with other players that are part of the same table. They can exchange a series of messages or try out various techniques or codes to find out about the hand they have and the strategies they are going to use, as well as the subsequent actions to be taken by their accomplices. The intention is to obtain benefits from the rest of the players or players -victim- in order to share them among them.

How to detect collusion poker?

Generally, we can detect -and report- when collusion in poker is taking place in different ways. These are:

  • Squeezing: This is the formula we explained in the previous point, when there are several cronies at the same table. Although it is not easy to detect, especially if you are not very experienced, it can be identified in the following way.
  • On the flop: More complicated. In this case, the players use signs and codes to comment on the move they are going to make.
  • On the preflop: Simpler. The collusion poker team player raises a bet before the flop, the victim raises it and then another player raises it again. In that case it will be very difficult for the victim to raise unless he has a very good card. Collusion poker is usually easily detected by abusing this technique.
  • Soft play: In this case, the formula is as follows. The player with the best hand implies to the accomplice that he should not bet. He makes very small bets when he has the best hand. In short, the aim is not to harm those close to him.
  • Chimp dumping: This method of collusion poker occurs when a player intentionally loses chips to provide them to a close player. Many times this action can be detected when the player who starts the bet ends up withdrawing.

How do gambling houses act to prevent collusion poker?

Online gambling and betting houses have specialized mechanisms to detect all kinds of poker traps. Also, several professionals follow the games and can request to show the cards in case of suspicion.