Nowadays, at a time when everything has a virtual presence, gaming platforms are increasingly expanding their communication channels. Aware that Internet connection has made simultaneous online play possible on countless platforms, there are more and more digital communication resources to facilitate the exchange of opinions and engage in conversation with other fans or with the players themselves in the room.

Inspired by other video and written chat platforms, Discord is one of the most popular not only in the poker world, but in the gamer sector in general. And what makes Discord so special in poker is its community structure, as it allows players to concentrate their conversations in a room that can be private or not, and with the option to enable the integration of other players to the same room automatically.

The role of Discord in today’s poker rooms

Although years ago online poker was an almost marginal game, today it has such an overwhelming legion of followers worldwide that there are even official competitions of worldwide projection for online poker. The rise of this poker modality should have been a symptom of something clear: that the unstoppable digitalization had reached the game, and not only in the gaming rooms, but also in everything related to communications.

Given this situation, Discord’s takeoff was the chronicle of a guaranteed success. Today the platform has more than 250 million users and anyone can create a channel and make it public, generating an invitation when the broadcast of any content is started or any debate is opened, and uploading all the content they want.

Packed with poker fans, Discord hosts a whole series of communities (the name by which these channels are known) that act as meeting points to discuss, exchange impressions, comment on broadcasts, comment on plays or set up appointments to play a game. And the best of all is that each server has specific tags and categories, which allows each user to narrow their search to go as deep as they want on a particular issue or perform alternative searches based on a more general topic.

The vast offer of Discord communities

Currently Discord is for every poker player an almost indispensable complement. It is a perfect way to communicate by written or video chat with the degree of privacy you want and can be used both during a game and in moments when you are not playing, which makes it useful beyond the game. This justifies why it is gaining more and more followers around the world.

As far as poker is concerned, Discord has hundreds of communities. Perhaps one of the most famous worldwide is called “Raise Your Edge”, coordinated by Benjamin Rolle and whose channel shares everything: opinions about hands, comments on televised plays, doubts about a playing technique… it is a really diverse community where everyone has a place and where they are constantly working to improve the users’ game. The only thing is that it is only allowed to speak in English and German, but the language criterion is changeable depending on the origin of the community and the communication criteria that have been established in the group.

Creating a community in Spanish

Normally, on platforms where English speakers or those with a global focus predominate, Spanish communities are not very popular and it is difficult to find users who are looking to share similar experiences and opinions and who speak the same language. To make up for this lack, Peruvian player Diego Ventura has created a Spanish-language poker community on Discord called “Poker Life”, which has been up and running since 2020.

Almost a thousand people have signed up to Poker Life since it began its first steps, and today it is the most popular Spanish-speaking community on the platform. And more and more people decide to share any poker-related topic, even talking about new developments in poker software and hardware tools, helping newcomers to take their first steps in poker, dealing with aspects of mental game and cheating, and there are even topics that have more to do with health and fitness. Results-Rail and Ask-A-Die are the ones that currently concentrate the largest flow of players and where the community really comes together.

Why it’s a good idea to sign up for Discord

Nowadays, whoever is not present in social networks and community communication channels does not exist. But it is no longer for the sake of being there, but for all the benefits of being part of a community. And, no matter what level you are, the good thing about Discord is that it will always have an ideal poker room for you, where you can make new friends and share feelings, impressions and get valuable feedback that can be very useful inside and outside the game rooms.

And the fact is that, although poker is a game where the opponent is constantly cheated, it is also a game that creates a very special bond and from which many positive things can be extracted beyond the prizes and prestige.

Since poker is a game where a person’s character has a lot to say, sharing poker-related experiences can be very fruitful not only on a player level, but also on a personal level. In addition, having a robust communication platform capable of facilitating video or written chats is important nowadays, and Discord has all those qualities. If you add to that the high level of customization offered by its platform when creating communities, this is a very interesting resource that is worth trying at least once.