From a game that was played in the Old West to a game that has tournaments and superstars, poker has risen from its humble beginnings. There’s a reason why poker has been such a dominant part of pop culture and why it’s one of the most popular casino games.

But why has it risen so far and so fast? What about the game makes it so exciting to play and even more exciting to watch? Here’s what you need to know.


The era of online gaming

Poker was a fixture of brick and mortar casinos and it was at the high rollers table in Vegas. However, like many things, it has since gone digital and that has caused its popularity to explode. Online card rooms appeared around 1997, and only a year later was a real money online poker game dealt. People liked being able to play poker online as it meant they didn’t have to get ready and travel to a casino.

The explosion of online poker gaming came out in the year 2003. An accountant named Chris Moneymaker qualified for the World Series of Poker Main Event and won the tournament and $2,500,000. This win shook the online poker world, and it was appropriately called the “Moneymaker effect.”

Pretty soon poker was on TV and online, and players were playing from their couches all over the world. The best games and players were televised and analyzed, and new names began to rise. Now, 20 years after the Moneymaker effect, online poker has gotten even bigger and better.


The Rise Of Smartphones

Smartphones allow you to do anything from anywhere, including playing poker! After all, if you need to grind out countless games, you might as well do it comfortably.

Online gambling took off once the smartphone was invented. Due to the ease, more people were playing the game than ever before. People played on apps for hours and would talk poker when they weren’t in the middle of the game.

Eventually, the online casinos started to get in on the action. They created poker games that were specifically made for a smartphone. Games that looked good on a small screen and that could capture the player’s attention for hours on end.

As smartphones continue to advance, the games that we play on them are going to become more advanced as well.


Poker Media

Whether the movie is based in a casino with high stakes, or a television show wants to have a bonding experience between a group, poker often features. Poker is such a well-known game many pieces of media don’t need to take time out to explain the rules. Even for those who don’t understand the game, poker media is a master at creating tension.

The events of the game can be used to underscore the tension the main characters are going through or a poker game can simply be played in the background to give characters an excuse to sit around a table together. But once you consume enough poker media, you will want to give the game a try for yourself.

Being constantly exposed to poker in the media helps to make the game more popular. Not only will people interested in poker watch the content, but it will also bring in new players who use it to fuel their interest.


Famous People Playing Poker

They are poker stars and influencers with a love of the game. From Chris Moneymaker onward, poker has attracted and created a lot of people who have become famous due to their skills at the game.

It has also attracted celebrities who want to gamble some of their wealth away. There are plenty of big names who play poker in the celebrity world: Kevin Hart, Tobey Maguire, Jason Alexander, Matt Damon, and others.

Being able to take a peek into how the best influencers structure their million-dollar games can arouse interest in a lot of people who want to play. When famous people have an interest, their followers will take an interest in it too, and the rise of poker in the world of pop culture can be connected to the people who play.


To Sum Up

Some people play with friends for chips, and others hit the casino and bet for real money. That’s the reason why poker has endured so long and why it will continue to endure. Other games might fade away, but not poker.

Even holding the cards in your hand and watching the other players making strategic moves can be exciting. There’s something about the tension and atmosphere of a game that can draw in even the most disinterested gambler.

This foundation has catapulted poker from being just another game to being dominant in the pop culture world.