As you should already know, PPPoker is a play money mobile poker app which clubs are mostly populated by players from all around the world and with really soft games ideal for people of all levels. This is something really important, as poker is a game meant to be enjoyed by everyone and that’s something we can assure at EasyPPPoker: we make poker accessible and a pleasure for every kind of player.

We wanted to make a Poker Guide for those who are starting at this game, so they don’t get lost and can learn how to play poker online.

Live Poker or Online Poker

The rules of poker are exactly the same whether you play a live poker game in person or through the Internet. The more important differences between these two are the rapidness of the game, since online poker tends to be much faster but also less risky. Also, online poker has the enormous advantage of being accessible anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Of course, being a game that runs through the Internet, you won’t be able to observe your opponents in the face, which makes the bluffing much more difficult to read.

Other than that, you will be able to win real money by playing online poker, if that is the main reason that attracts you to this game.

About the amount of money you need to start playing poker online,most people deposit between 50 or 200 dollars, an amount more than enough to keep playing for a long time. As you must suspect, the key is sticking to tournaments of low budget until you accumulate more money.

How to play poker online

The first step to enjoy poker online is to download the EasyPPPoker app. Choose the correct version between the available: Windows, iOS or Android. Once the installer package has been downloaded, you’ll need to install the software. There, you’ll have to create a user account and a password.

After completing your first deposit, you will be able to play!

There are many types of poker games available for you at EasyPPPoker, like No-Limit Texas Hold’em, the most popular of all of them. But there are some online poker tournaments as well where you can test your skills. These tournaments are wildly popular and work by paying your buy-in and getting a stack of chips. Be careful with the chips, because when you run out of them, you’re out of the tournament. The purpose is to get to be the player who collects all the chips, since that’s the way to be the winner.

Online Poker: Strategy Guide

If you’re a beginner, we recommend you to understand perfectly online poker before starting playing. You should study the best personalities for PPPoker Clubs and know the different definitions and slang to be able to give your best at the game.

Follow our advice and don’t try to run an elaborate bluff whichever the stage of the game you are in. You must take into account that most of your opponents only have eyes for the cards in their hands and won’t care about your actions.

Furthermore, many of them will call your bets, so we recommend you to bet more and take advantage of that by getting the maximum value from your made hands and strong holdings.

And the most important advice we can give you: track your results! Even if you are just a casual player, tracking your results will guarantee you to improve your poker results. That way, you will be able to understand where you are winning or losing your money and what strategy works best for you.

We hope this online poker strategy guide has helped you. Now, get started with EasyPPPoker and make your best!