Poker is a game that has different regulations in each territory. Considered a game of chance by some, and of skill by others, its association with betting and its predominance in physical and online casinos around the world has made each sovereign nation legislate the game in its own way.

This has led to serious doubts about the legality of poker in certain contexts. For example, in bars, where traditionally and in other times the consumption of spirits was combined with card games.

What is left of all this today? Is it legal to play poker in a bar these days? We tell you.

Poker games in a bar: are they legal?

No. Setting up a poker room in a bar is illegal, at least in our country. The ordinances that regulate gambling are clear in this regard, and make it clear that it is not legal to play poker in a bar in Spain, since these are games that the Gaming Law establishes as gambling or betting, and that can only be played They can enjoy in casinos or in their own private homes.

But we’re not talking about a felony. Rather, of an infraction. However, the ordinance establishes that playing games such as poker, blackjack or any similar in public, even without betting money, constitutes an infringement. In other words, say goodbye to the belief that there is no crime without money: it is equally illegal and the infraction can be formalized just for playing in a friendly way.

Why is the law in Spain made like this? Because it seeks to protect those who do not have the legal minimum age to play or learn these games, who are minors. And the law regarding minors is always very protective, giving the necessary legal protection to prevent external influences that lead to problematic behavior in the future.

Therefore, bars, as spaces in the hospitality sector where customers of all ages are admitted, are not suitable places to play poker.

And a poker game at home?

Private homes are the only places, along with casinos, where the law establishes that it is not illegal to set up a poker room. In fact, at home you can set up the kind of game you want: with or without money, with a variable number of players…

Everyone can do what they like at home, and poker can be enjoyed however they like. Always, yes, preventing children and adolescents from getting used to playing to avoid inappropriate behavior.

Poker slots are a good way to enjoy poker in an informal, relaxed, relaxed and even friendly way. Because they are games where, despite being able to bet with real money, they are held in small groups and in specific environments where there are usually no external influences, far from the hustle and bustle and sometimes charged atmosphere of casinos.

The best alternative: online poker from wherever you want

If you want to enjoy poker away from home and at the same time avoid the hassles of playing poker in a bar, it is best to opt for online poker. Taking into account that the game in an online poker game takes place on a particular device such as the smartphone, there is no problem in enjoying it in the place you prefer.

The legislation that includes the infractions for holding poker games in a bar applies to cases in which the game takes place in a physical format, that is, in situ with the cards on the table.

Online poker is individual, it is enjoyed on a particular device and a private user account is used to access the tables. Therefore, there is no legal incompatibility in this regard.

In addition, by playing online poker you can enjoy the type of poker you prefer, join a club or create your own, as well as being able to play games of different levels with players from all over the world. And with the immediacy that current network connections allow. Easy, fast and safe. You cannot ask for more.

PPPoker is the leading platform in user growth in much of the world, and in Spain it is also very popular. It is an excellent alternative to enjoy your poker games wherever and whenever you want, without worrying about the law and knowing that you have the support of a secure and accessible platform.

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