PPPoker is not just any poker site, this is one of the safest and most reliable sites you can find in the world of online poker today. Since its creation in 2016, this platform has managed to reach thousands of real players in more than 100 countries around the world. The reason: it is one of the first online poker platforms based on private clubs and has very advanced security mechanisms.

But why is this platform so safe to play online? The answer lies in the operation of this website, as well as in the protection systems it has and its prevention measures to avoid losses, among others. Next, we will see in more detail what makes this platform such a safe option to play poker online.

Private clubs

The first thing to note is that PPPoker offers its users the possibility to create private clubs which can only be accessed by invitation. That is to say, you can create private poker clubs to compete against friends, co-workers, schoolmates, etc. This is an additional protection that many online poker platforms do not have.

Also, on this platform you can compete in different world tournaments and play in different varieties of poker, such as NLH, PLO, OFC, Short Deck, etc. The possibilities of this platform allow you to expand the communities of your club, as well as to participate in live events.

Trap detection mechanisms

Another feature, as far as security is concerned, is that PPPoker has an important team in charge of preventing cheating among the different players so that they all have the same advantages. In fact, the mechanism used to detect cheating is 99.8% effective.

IPS/GPS restrictions

To prevent some players from getting ahead, private club owners can implement IP/GPS restrictions in the different game modes.

GLI certified platform

PPPoker has an international certificate from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) which proves that this platform complies with the rules imposed by the institution for the benefit of the players. PPPoker’s anti-cheating team generates RNG tests – as estimated by GLI standards – to ensure that the cards are distributed in a completely random manner. This provides a totally fair gaming environment, preventing anyone from getting out ahead.

Protection against threats

PPPoker’s security measures don’t end there. This platform has an advanced DDOS protection that takes care of detecting and identifying any kind of threat. The built-in protection system also blocks all kinds of sophisticated attacks to ensure that the server is secure at all times.

Anti-loss system

If you’re an old dog in the world of online poker, chances are you’ve ever suffered the problems of a cover failure and the consequent losses of giving up a half-baked game against your will. At PPPoker we take this kind of issue very seriously, so the platform is equipped with a Connection Loss Prevention feature that offers players extra action time to ensure a stable connection before they are automatically ejected from the table they are playing at.

Secure Payments and Security Enhancement

Of course, the payment and bankroll system is protected against all kinds of threats to ensure that the amount deposited into the account is not changed without consent.