PPPoker is one of the most established poker platforms in the industry. One of its main strengths are multi-table tournaments, the great stars of a well-established offer of poker games designed to satisfy what the community is looking for in PPPoker.

So that you know what the multitabling game in poker is like, we have prepared a small compilation with the basics so that you know what it is about and you can play multi-table poker tournaments well.

What is multitabling in poker

Let’s start with the basics. In poker, multitabling is that way of playing that is based on the division of several tables. That is, the player plays several hands simultaneously at different tables. This obviously adds extra complexity to the game, forcing the user to keep an eye on the game on several fronts.

The good part? That by developing the necessary skills and aptitudes to play multi-table tournaments, it is possible to considerably increase the profit margin, being able to aspire to raise a considerable sum of money. Much more than just focusing the game on one table.

Therefore, when we talk about “multitabling” as a concept, we are referring to the fact of playing a multi-table tournament. It can also be used as a noun, “multitabling”, which refers to the tournament or the action of playing in a multitable tournament.

Strategies for multitabling in poker

Important: multitabling poker strategy. If we summarize what is needed to shape a good strategy in a multi-table tournament, there are five basic pillars that we should pay attention to:

  • Experience and training. This is required not only for multi-table tournament strategies, but for any aspect of poker in general. As for the MTT, say that they are not suitable for beginners, precisely because of the skills they require and that are developed with training, time, dedication and experience. If you don’t have experience and the necessary level, you should forget about multitabling poker for now.
  • Hit the selection of tables. Keep in mind that not all tables are the same in multitabling poker. There are tables with more and less experienced players. Those of less experienced players can be more profitable in the long run, so use good judgment.
  • Limited number of tables. It is logical to think that opening a game at the more tables the better will allow you to win more money. But be careful: if you do not set a reasonable limit, you will start to see yourself in difficulties. Most of the good players specialized in MTTs know how to set limits, and set a cap on the tables in which to participate. You should do the same.
  • Use support tools. If they are legal and if the platform allows it, you should not stop using all those tools that could help you to improve your game. And don’t forget to use those that focus on post-game analysis, which will help you calmly analyze the weak points of your game.
  • Time management and focus. At first, multitabling can be overwhelming. It is overwhelming to feel that you have several open fronts and that you must perform equally well on all of them. The time factor is therefore key to correctly managing the minutes you must dedicate to each table. It should organize the tables in a way that you have a clear hierarchy according to priority, spreading your efforts as evenly as possible.

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How to multi-table on PPPoker

Multitabling at PPPoker is at the heart of the experience and you would do well to choose a platform that has been growing and improving in recent times, offering the ultimate multi-tabling poker experience.

To enjoy all the benefits of PPPoker, it is best to access through EasyPPPoker and follow the steps to register. It is very simple:

  • Download the PPPoker app. It is available for iOS and Android devices. In EasyPPPoker you have the download links to directly access and start using the application.
  • Create your account. When the download process is complete, open the app. You will see that you are asked to register your data. It is to create your own account in PPPoker. Fill in the required fields and confirm them. When you verify the registration, you can start enjoying all the advantages of PPPoker.
  • Repeat registration on different devices. Multi-table play at PPPoker is done by registering up to 3 user accounts on different devices. In other words, you will have to run the app on three different devices at the same time to start playing multitabling poker on PPPoker. For this to work, you will need to register on the devices you use separately. As there is a limit of 1 account per device, this way you will be able to validate them by being linked to different devices. If you can register on different Wi-Fi networks, all the better.
  • Start enjoying the multi-table game. Choose the tables where you want to play and start enjoying the PPPoker multitabling experience.