Poker is one of the most popular games in the world. It has a wide variety of game types, as well as variants that make it much more entertaining, fun and exciting.

No limit VS limit poker are two of them. Now, what exactly are these two types of poker? In this article we explain everything you need to know about the types of limit poker, such as No Limit, Low Limit Poker, Limit Poker and so on. Pay attention to our explanations!

Types of poker limits

The types of limits in poker are nothing more than the limits that apply to bets at each table, game, competition or tournament. Keep in mind that each of the limits varies depending on the style of poker being played.

You will always find players who prefer to have the size of the final pot more under control than others, even if it means the possibility of enjoying greater security at the cost of winning less money. Of course, it all depends on the individual, and we are not talking about better or worse options, but different ones. The most popular are the following.

Fixed Limit poker

When we talk about Fixed Limit Poker we mean Limit Poker. A fixed limit is set before the game starts. This means that there are a number of pre-determined limits that players cannot exceed between rounds. For example, raises in the first two rounds can be set at a mandatory $2.50, and $5 for the last two rounds.

Pot Limit poker

The Pot Limit (PL) is a function of the pot, which is why it is also known as a “pot limit”. This type of limit is set on the basis of the pot, as Pot Limit is at most the size of the pot. Imagine you are playing the 2.50 USD / 5 USD level in Pot Limit.

Well, if the pot size is 50 and one player bets 5, the most the next opponent can bet would be 55, the 50 in the pot and the 5 in the bet, which would become the new pot total.

No Limit poker

No Limit poker (NL poker) bets – which are also very often found in No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker – are bets for which there is no limit to the maximum amount that can be bet.

The limit, as is obvious, is only the minimum mandatory raise amount in each round, which corresponds to the Big Blind or Small Blind. In NL Holdem there may be the possibility to play with a mandatory bet, which is equal for the whole table. This is known as an ante, usually used in tournaments with high blinds.

Characteristics of limit poker

Now that we’ve talked about the most common types of limit poker we’re going to focus on analysing in more detail what the characteristics of limit poker are.

If you already know that you want to play in MTT or cash games, bear in mind that the tables set a minimum and maximum limit on the amount of chips you can bet, so players’ bets must be between these two values.

Obviously, in this type of betting, the pots that can be won are smaller, although this ensures greater security and confidence for many players – allowing them to stay in the final rounds of the table thanks to the pre-set limits.

However, it should be borne in mind that playing with fewer chips conditions the way in which the game is played, as well as limiting the possibilities of covering previous losses with a single winning hand. The style, in this case, tends to be softer than in Limit or Pot Limit & No Limit poker (when there is a pot limit).

Players try to select better where to put their chips and take their chances when they have a winning hand or a very good chance. Of course, Pot Limit is a type of Limit poker, although the limitations are lower and larger prizes can be won. One of the most popular limit versions is Limit Stud Poker.

Characteristics of no limit poker

Or No Limit poker. These are bets for which there is no limit to play, as mentioned above. This means that the jackpots can reach stratospheric levels. In this case of the players at the table.

The main advantage of No Limit, although it is riskier, is that it allows you to get the same or even higher winnings at a single table than you would get playing at several Limit or Pot Limit tables.

However, it is important to be experienced and become one of the sharks at the table. Some of the most popular poker versions of this type of poker are No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha No Limit Poker.

No Limit VS Limit Poker: What are the differences?

There are many differences between No Limit and Limit Poker. Here is a summary of the most significant ones:

– The strategy varies a lot from one mode to the other.

– The jackpots that can be won in both are different (bigger in No Limit).

Limit games are softer, as far as strategy is concerned (although they are not necessarily less exciting, you can also compete at a strategic level to steal the blinds, for example).

– The possibility of bluffing in Limit Poker (especially in Low Limit Poker), compared to No Limit, is much smaller.