PPPoker is one of the leading platforms for joining a poker club, but many players wonder how to create a new club or what is the best club joining union to join, once the club has been operational for a while and has a legion of loyal players who want to enjoy the advantages of the massive traffic that a poker union brings.

Everything you need to know about poker clubs, how they are formed, how they are created and how to join a union, we cover in these lines. Attention!

How to start a poker club in PPPoker?

The steps to set up a poker club and create it from scratch are very simple. There are only four steps:

– Download the app. If you have an iOS device, you must do it from the App Store. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you will need to download the app from the Play Store.

– Register or log in. If you have not registered, you can create an account now. If you prefer not to, you also have the option of logging in as a guest. When you are logged in, you can find the “Join” option next to the “Create” option. As we are interested in creating our own club, we select the second option and follow the steps that will appear on the screen.

– Customize your club. To set up your club the first thing you need to do is to choose the name. Create it to your liking and do not forget that you can include a small text in “Notice of the Club” to make known the access requirements or characteristics.

– Confirm your club details. Take a look at your club details and confirm once everything is checked, your club is now ready to start welcoming new players!

How to join a poker club on PPPoker?

To join a poker club, it is essential to have the application downloaded or installed on your personal computer. You will need to create a PPPoker account or enter your login credentials. From there, you have to select one of the clubs you want to join.

Essentially, the steps are the same as we discussed in the previous section, except that, instead of clicking on the + icon, you only need to select the “join a club” option. Now all you have to do is enter the ID of the club you want. The IDs of the best clubs are as follows:

– TIME2WIN: ID: 1021396.


– SPARKS CHIPS: ID: 2820775.

When you enter the ID, the main page of the club will appear with all the information you need to know and you will be able to confirm your membership.

What is the best PPPoker club union?

PrimeTime Union is the best PPPoker club union. Club owners, players, poker agents and union owners have in PrimeTime the best poker union, with the best virtual environment to enjoy their greatest passion.

PrimeTime Union poker union is designed to meet the needs of all user profiles, providing an accessible, safe and fun environment where enjoying poker is the experience that everyone is looking for.

If you are the owner of a poker club, do not hesitate to bring it to PrimeTime Union. A diverse, secure, honest and transparent platform that provides massive traffic for all those who are part of the union to benefit from, and allows you to enjoy games in multiple modes and in a variety of styles and tickets. It has everything to make you want to bring your club and start enjoying the enormous advantages of PrimeTime Union.

In addition, as a guarantee of innovation, PrimeTime poker union has a wide network of wallets, purses and cryptocurrencies that allows you to cover practically any point on the planet. Universalizing the passion for poker is what a union of PrimeTime’s quality achieves, and that goes one step further with PrimeTime Mega Union, the best union of poker unions. Your club can grow as big as you want it to grow: PrimeTime puts the rest so that more and more players can congregate, increasing the traffic and allowing to guarantee a great variety of games suitable for players of all levels.

How to join my club to a PPPoker Union?

If you have created your own poker club, the next step is to join a union. PPPoker is known for having a wide variety of unions that accommodate different clubs that share traffic and games. You will have to consider several options to decide which one offers you the best volume of traffic, the best and most varied offer of games and the one that bets the most on security and transparency.

PrimeTime Union is the best PPPoker Union for meeting all these requirements. Both when making deposits and withdrawals, the platform has an enviable level of security.

If you own a club, you can join the union through the PPPoker lobby by clicking on “Union” and selecting “Join” in order to become part of PrimeTime. To be accepted, your club must have at least two stars. If not, your access will be banned.

If you are a poker agent with your own portfolio of players, you can also join PrimeTime Union. In this case, to request access it is necessary to contact PrimeTime Union through the PrimeTime Union form that you will find on their website.

You can also join the PrimeTime Union as a poker player, but you must first join one of the clubs that are part of the PrimeTime Union. TIME2WIN is one of the best, and also has a great variety of games to enjoy online poker without risk. To join TIME2WIN, all you have to do is search for the club by its ID (1021396) and wait for the administrators to confirm your application, when they do, you will be part of PrimeTime Union!

Advantages of joining a club to a poker union

The advantages of joining a poker club are many and justify taking the leap:

– Increased traffic and game offerings. The number of clubs that PrimeTime Union brings together makes it one of the clubs with the largest offer of games and poker modalities. The increasing traffic guarantees that there are always tables available at the moment a player starts searching for games.

– More security and transparency. Both when making a deposit and when withdrawing funds, PrimeTime Union has a wide network of tools that promote security and allow players to operate and carry out their transactions without risk.

– Available 24/7. The union hosts players from all over the world, and that makes it possible to find a table at any time of the day to enjoy poker. There will always be a game of the modality each player is looking for at the moment he/she wants to start playing poker.