Over the last years, users have entered into the era of online poker. Online poker makes the skill gap between fishes and sharks less pronounced, which follows with marginal winners from time to time. Being like this, it’s vital and much necessary that you continue to develop your skills if you want to make profit of them.

To help you out, we are going to show you the many paths there exist when it comes to online poker tournament strategy and which ones you should follow in order to reach the top. Stay put!

The best tips to improve your online poker tournament strategy

As we said, we are going to list the key steps to help you stablish the most optimal path leading to success.

Prepare for the tournament

Pre-tournaments are often overlooked, even when it’s one of the most important parts when you are about to take part in an online poker tournament. If you are not prepared you won’t go far, we can assure you.

Mark your opponents

As we’ve always said, studying your opponents it’s imperative if you want to success. That way, you will be able to categorize them and to identify their player type. Following this simple tip will improve your skills by knowing how to play against every player type and, also, if you come across the same later in a tournament or in a future tournament, you will have all the necessary info that will make your decisions a lot easier against this same player.

This is a tip we recommend you to follow specially if you are planning to multi-table, since the time you spend making each decision is really important.

Avoid distractions

Yes, we know it might sound stupid to say this, but a lot of people play poker unfocused. Online poker tournaments have the pro of taking place wherever you are, but this can also be a con, especially if you are at home with the TV turned on or with your mobile phone busting with notifications.

Your online poker tournament strategy should start by taking poker seriously or you won’t make profit out of it. To achieve that, avoid everything that could mean a distraction around your computer or your mobile phone so that you can focus in the game, that is what matters right now.

The more tables you play, the best

You should aim to multi-table as much as you can, since this is the most profitable way to stablish a perfect online poker tournament strategy, especially when you know about your win rate and ROI for tournaments. It is normal that the more online tournaments you play, the easier you will get to achieve your norm target.

Obviously, to achieve this you will need to master multi-tabling, so pay special attention to this poker variant.

Run deep

Everybody knows that the end of the online tournaments is where the most money is won and the moment when you can achieve your biggest ROI. Because of this, your online poker tournament strategy should include running deep online and pay all of your attention to your opponents, what they’re doing well and what they’re doing wrong during this endgame.

Plan your future streets

Your online poker tournament strategy should take interest in always having a plan for each likely outcome before any decision pre-flop, on the flop or on the turn that you want to take. Before betting, you should always ask yourself this two basic questions that will help you avoid tricky spots:

  • What will I do if my opponent raises?
  • What turn cards can I barrel?


The tips we have given you should be more than enough so that you can start make your best online poker tournament strategy. And remember you can start playing here!