Phil Hellmuth is one of the most recognized poker players in the world, having achieved from a very young age one of the bracelets as the champion of the World Series of Poker, or what is the same, the WSOP bracelet. This player is very well known for his particular way of playing at a table with his opponents, as well as for his solidarity and private life, making him for many the most eccentric player that has ever been seen playing poker. In this specialized article we want you to have all the information about Phil Hellmuth so you can know in detail the reasons why this poker player is considered a star.

Origins of Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth was born in Madison, Wisconsin, and since then he has been working on his future, fighting against the criticism of his father, who wanted his son to be a student with excellent grades, but despite not failing, he considered that studies were not his thing, unlike his sisters, who followed the guidelines of his father, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at the State University.

Although he had to constantly battle with his father on the subject of his studies, he had the feeling in his mind that life was going to bring him something different, and that he was going to be very good at what he did next. One of the curiosities that Phil Hellmuth always tells when he talks about his childhood, is that a mentalist read him the lines of his hand and told him that he was going to be someone important, very famous and with lots of money in his pocket.

Beginnings as a poker player

As we have mentioned, studies were never his strong point, however he managed to get into the University of Wisconsin, one of the most important universities in the United States, by studying Accounting and Philosophy. In his free time he found out that there were areas where professors and students could play poker, being here where the legend of this great player began. After a couple of weeks seeing how he good he was at playing poker, he decided that it was time to decide his way, being a hard blow for his father, since he left the career to dedicate himself entirely to poker, after seeing that in the games at college he always won.

In this way, he took his belongings and told his parents that he was leaving home to move to Las Vegas, where he wanted to live as a poker player, however, it didn’t go well at first, since he lost everything and had to return soon after to recover the money he had lost in other jobs. This caused him to drink and also to smoke excessively, something that left him quite upset. However, something went through Phil Hellmuth’s mind, because he began to make a list of things he wanted to achieve in life and among them was becoming a professional poker player by winning the WSOP Main Event.

Once this wish list was written, he started practicing and playing much better cards managing to be the youngest player to achieve the title in front of one of the heavyweights of the moment, the great Johnny Chan, doing this in front of his father, who later managed to make peace with him.

Daniel Negreanu VS Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth, after making his place among the best poker players, began to carve out his own personality in the game, being considered and nicknamed by many as The Poker Brat, since on many occasions he shouted and even gestured more than necessary, putting on a real show. This way of playing began to attract certain people, however, the more classic ones of this game were irritated by it and on the contrary, they thought that what it achieved was to denigrate a hobby that everyone had and that they saw with good eyes.

That’s why there has always been a rivalry between Daniel Negreanu VS Phil Hellmuth, achieving in many cases that certain outbursts of tone of one or another player have been commented on in the press conferences, something that has also achieved that the commentators themselves and the spectators see with bad eyes for the fame of poker. However, whenever there is a meeting in a tournament between these two personalities, we find that the bets grow considerably and the online viewing of the game doubles or even triples the more the game is fought.

In spite of all this and of carving this character, it is worth mentioning that Phil Hellmuth has also managed to attract many people to create solidarity tournaments to donate to children’s hospitals, for example.