The advantages of playing poker online are indisputable. Time and geographical flexibility, accessibility to a massive and global traffic of players, a wide range of games… advantages that are well known to users.

Today’s post does not focus on these advantages, but puts the focus on a reality that, unfortunately, is also present in online poker portals: bots. As expected, artificial intelligence is also sweeping the world of cards and, despite the efforts of poker rooms to eliminate them, they continue to make their presence felt.

If you play online poker, you cannot miss this opportunity to understand what a poker bot is, how to identify it and how to defeat it during your games.

What is a poker bot?

Before declaring war on bots, it is convenient that you understand what a poker bot is and what its implications are in online poker platforms.

Bots are basically artificial intelligence programs that imitate a real person. Behind them are developers and hackers with more and more resources, who put all their expertise to work to create a model that circumvents the platforms’ computer security systems and ends up generating money that ends up in their pockets.

It goes without saying that the use of a bot for online poker is something that is completely forbidden and therefore against the regulations of online poker platforms. Unfortunately, these malwares are endowed with great intelligence, being able to modify their strategy as they go along.

Despite the obvious warning signs, it is possible to detect an online poker bot, but it requires a great deal of observation on the part of the platform’s users, who never fail to see how they are defeated in the games by supposed “players” who play impeccable poker.

Do you want to know how to detect a poker bot? Here are the keys to identify a bot and act accordingly.

How to detect a poker bot?

Despite the intelligence that characterizes these malwares, the truth is that they are just that: malwares. Therefore, players can detect a poker bot based on a series of behaviors and patterns that reveal that whoever is behind the plays is not a real person.

Thus, players can analyze behavior patterns, bet sizes or their participation in the chat to find out whether or not they are facing a bot.

Observe their behavior patterns

If you suspect you’re dealing with a poker bot, you’ve probably noticed a number of behavior patterns that repeat over and over again. These include bets of identical size or spending the same response time each turn.

In addition, bots “don’t sleep”. This means that if you notice that a player is always online, has been at a table for a long time or plays a large number of games simultaneously, you are probably dealing with an online poker bot.

Talk to him via chat

One of the infallible methods to find out if you are in front of a poker bot is to talk to it via chat.

Some behavioral patterns we have cited in the previous section are common and significant of bots. However, some real players could develop a similar game, so it could lead to confusion. If you want to know if you are in front of a bot, talk to it by chat to clear doubts. A bot will not answer you.

Nick and profile

The nickname can give you many clues to know if you are in front of a bot. Strange nicknames accompanied by numbers can reveal the identity of a bot. In addition, profiles are often incomplete, so your registration has probably not been verified.

How to beat an online poker bot?

Can you beat a machine? You have probably asked yourself this very question. We are not going to deceive you, beating a bot is something quite complex, especially if you are a player with little experience in poker.

If this is your case and you have detected a bot at the table, the best thing to do would be to withdraw from the game. The behavior of bots follows programmed patterns, so their efficiency in predicting moves is higher than that of a human. These malwares know at all times which cards are still to be dealt and which are the moves with the highest probability of winning.

However, when faced with unexpected moves, bots do not know how to react, so they will have a meaningless response. This is another strategy that will not only help you identify a bot, but could also give you its chips.

On the other hand, you have to take into account that a bot cannot detect the size of the bets, that is to say, if they have precise instructions regarding the actions to perform, but they are not able to identify what size of bets they can face.

Therefore, what you should do would be to identify what their betting pattern is. Once detected, you will be likely to beat him when the bot makes low bets. In this way, if you are able to analyze how the bot works, you will be able to break its strategy.

In either case, one of the wisest moves would be to contact the online poker platform’s help desk to report the presence of a bot.

Generally, online poker sites will assist you in identifying the bot and, once confirmed, the bot developer will be forced to refund your money and expelled from the community.