Being part of a poker club entails the acceptance of a series of obligations. Because enjoying the advantages offered by a club is only possible if the club member remains active, and for that reason the first requirement that a poker player who is part of a club must meet is to remain active and contribute to the community.

Otherwise, the continuity of the member in question could be questioned, and a series of actions could be established to encourage the fulfillment of the obligations to the rest of the community, or temporarily stop the collaboration with the club in a forced way.

Reasons for banning

Inactivity is the first reason why clubs ban their members. The maintenance of a community as large as the one supported by poker clubs requires a number of resources that are not free, but are not charged to the members of the community. However, the community must respond and do what is expected of them: play, contribute and grow the name of the club with their activity.

Members who are not very regular poker players, but want to enjoy the advantages offered by a club, should be aware of the deadlines that each club manages to avoid expulsion.

Each member is offered several weeks to connect a minimum number of times and avoid these drastic measures. In addition, clubs must warn the player who is not complying with these deadlines before taking any action.

Another reason why poker clubs may temporarily or permanently ban one or more of their members is for inappropriate behavior. Online games are sometimes a parapet to launch a whole series of insults and insults against other players for the mere fact of having won, or for reasons unrelated to the game.

In any case, these behaviors are not tolerated and are highly prosecuted, and are penalized with punctual disconnections or with an ultimatum that must be complied with to avoid being permanently banned from the club.

These punishments can affect the entire network and prevent the sanctioned player from rejoining another club operating under the same network. This is a way to avoid intoxication of the community and to encourage fair play. We must not forget that clubs without their community are nothing, and taking care of it is everyone’s task. 

Differences between temporary and permanent bans

Depending on the facts that have promoted the application of an expulsion, it may be temporary or permanent. Temporary bans are usually applied to users who do not contribute to the community as much as expected, but whose behavior when they have played has been correct.

On the other hand, permanent bans can be applied for:

  • Cheating.
  • Using unauthorized software during games.
  • Harassing or insulting other players.
  • Not having obeyed the reprimands of the administrators.
  • Showing total contempt for the actions of the administrators, or being a repeat offender in reprehensible behavior.

In these cases, each situation is studied individually to take the best decision for the community.

In addition to a safe community, the aim of these poker clubs is to create a series of partnerships with other players that allow the group to grow and benefit from the advantages of a constant traffic, but always prioritizing fair play and pursuing both the punishable actions of other users and interrupting the membership of users whose access has been approved, but who do not play continuously.

What happens when a player has been banned from a poker club?

At the moment a poker player, regardless of the reasons that have motivated his expulsion, is out of a club, the affected player will receive a notification that the access to the club has been restricted. It is important to know, in addition to the causes that have founded this decision, the temporality of the expulsion.

In the case of temporary sanctions, the player will not be able to access the club for a certain period (15, 30, 60 or 90 days are the most common periods established, although each club is governed by its own rules and the administrators have full power to edit them as they wish, within the limits set by the network to which they belong).

Permanent bans, on the other hand, are those restrictions that make it impossible to request access to the player again under the same ID. In case the player wants to enter the club again, it will have to be with another account created from scratch, with other data and with the statistics reset.

In any case, to prevent this from happening, it is necessary not only to remain active within the community and continue contributing, but also to comply with the behavior guidelines when interacting with other players.