Poker clubs are a way to enjoy the game in community, being part of a group that aims to improve not only at an individual level, but also to promote fair play among players of the same club.

It has many advantages to be part of one and more and more players decide to stop enjoying the game alone to join a club. However, those with more initiative often consider the option of creating a new club to create their own group of players and members with whom to form a new community of poker fans. So, the question is a logical one: what is more worthwhile, joining an existing club or trying to create a new one from scratch?

Own poker club: advantages of creating a new one

Although the process of finding a club is simpler than creating one from scratch, the fact that you are the one creating a new club allows you to take the reins to adjust the parameters of the club and get exactly the experience you are looking for.

Joining a club requires that all members follow the rules that the club administrators stipulate (most have a minimum number of hours played to avoid ghost members who don’t play), while creating one from scratch allows you to set the rules yourself. It is the best way to play the way you want and with the player profile you want.

This allows you to have an ideal group of players according to your criteria, but keep in mind that some requirements may be limiting. The important thing when creating a poker club is to maintain the balance between the rigidity of the requirements and the accessibility, since, if a club does not have a constant and motivated flow of players, its activity will probably not be the desired one.

Now, balancing that combination can give you the key to shaping a popular poker club. One that, in the future, can consider being part of a union, allowing you to enjoy online poker games without fear of not having enough traffic and enhancing the feeling of belonging to a community, improving both on a personal level and boosting the projection of the club.

Poker clubs already created: why join one?

If you are looking to join a club to enjoy all the advantages of being a member, you just have to look for one that meets the criteria you are looking for. Normally, clubs are spaces where the user who joins can enjoy the game, but with a high level of traffic that guarantees the flow of players to keep the games alive.

However, it is highly recommended that before joining one you know well what kind of club it is: the average level of the players who are part of it, if it has requirements, prohibitions or additional demands in terms of pace of play, contributions or number of games played in a period of time and so on. All of this will directly influence your experience as a club member.

Also keep in mind that choosing to join a club with a history allows you to increase the chances of that club becoming part of a union. Having a higher volume of traffic is a priority for many players, which is why some decide to opt for clubs that have everything they need to make the leap to a poker union.

A union is a group of clubs that allows to substantially increase the volume of traffic to nurture more players to the poker games played. Unions are a perfect way to substantially increase the flow of players to play online poker games without fear of not having enough players available.

At the player level the advantage is obvious, but the club also benefits, which sees one of its major objectives fulfilled: to create a group of players who both contribute to and benefit from playing with an ever-increasing number of poker players.

With a union the variety of games increases, the tournaments are more exciting because the number of qualifiers increases, the massive traffic allows not knowing what kind of players are going to occupy the tables (which offers a much more genuine experience), and also enhances security with transparent and honest policies regarding deposits and withdrawals.

That combination of traffic, security and varieties of competition means that more and more players are looking for an even more complete experience playing online poker through a club.

The particular priorities that a player has will determine whether he/she chooses to join a more experienced club or decides to join one with little experience or one that has just been created.

Obviously, the most experienced clubs, those that are already consolidated and have a significant volume of traffic, are the most likely to end up being part of a union. A player looking for varied competitions and massive traffic will opt for a club that is already part of a union or has everything to be part of a union.

Regardless of whether you decide to join a club or create one from scratch, you have to keep in mind that poker with a club changes a lot. The experience has little to do with it and there are many advantages of being part of a club: the competitions are more varied, the game styles have recurring players, the massive traffic avoids empty tables, withdrawals and deposits are safer… the guarantees are greater in all aspects. Why not consider joining a club if you are not yet part of one?