If you want to specialize in poker tournaments, at EasyPPPoker we provide you with all the information you need to know how to start playing in these online poker competitions.

The truth is that poker tournaments are tremendously exciting, each of them has its own rules and to participate you only have to pay the buy-in, obtaining a number of chips with which to play the rounds of the tournament.

In EasyPPPoker it is easy to find a tournament that suits what each player wants. In fact, one of the strengths of the platform is that we have a very high variety of tournaments, including multi-table and Sit & Go tournaments in our repertoire.

How are Spin tournaments played?

Spin tournaments are among the most demanded by players looking for new emotions in their competitive poker games. These tournaments sweep among players who love fast and frenetic competitions, where the pace is the most important and where the outcome is often unpredictable.

If we have to be frank, Spin tournaments are the kings. They are the tournament modality par excellence because they allow you to win large amounts of money while paying very small buy-ins. In addition, there are different varieties and formats (Pot Limit Omaha, No Limit Hold’em…), they can have a different structure and the blinds can go up in one way or another, as happens in Turbo tournaments, where the blinds increase every 5 minutes instead of every 10 minutes. This means that the fewer hands there are to play, the sooner you can win prizes. It’s as simple as that.

Listening to the community, PPPoker shaped a new tournament class based on Spins, called SpinsUp. They divided the game into two classes: the PPST SpinUp, tournaments where all the clubs in the Union share tables, and the SpinUp, which took place at private tables of the particular club.

In EasyPPPoker clubs you will find 16 levels of blinds, although in each one it increases gradually and differently, ranging from 2 to 5 minutes. And there are different stakes ranges compatible with the SpinUp.

In SpinUp tournaments the multipliers also vary according to the probabilities, as is usually the case with these incentives. The allocation of multiplier and probability would be as follows:

– Multiplier x2: 50.71% probability of winning.

– Multiplier x3: 38.79% chance of winning.

– Multiplier x5: 9.892% probability that it will come out.

– Multiplier x10: 0.5% chance of winning.

– Multiplier x100: 0.1% chance of winning.

– Multiplier x1000: 0.0005% chance of winning.

The most frenetic variable of the Spin tournaments is the Spin&Go. They pose a very fast way of playing, not suitable for all the players and that demand a high capacity of adaptation. However, this should not confuse you because Spin&Go tournaments have a high strategic component.

They are difficult tournaments to master, precisely because they do not have a profit limit and do not allow you to limit the volume of winnings and bets. This, together with the frenetic pace of these tournaments, makes them complicated competitions for those who are not experienced in high-paced games.

MTT tournaments: what are they and how do I play?

Along with Spin, multi-table poker tournaments are among the most demanded by those who prefer to diversify their game and play several games simultaneously. MTT tournaments have attractive jackpots and large prize pools to aspire to, one of the reasons why more and more players are joining this kind of competitions.

To play a multi-table tournament, it is necessary to pay the initial buy-in, in exchange for which you will receive a certain number of chips. These tournaments are scheduled at a specific time and date, so you will have to pay attention to the registration period.

The blinds go up as the tournament progresses. In case you lose your chips, your participation will come to an end. Therefore, being cautious in the first hands is elementary to guarantee your survival in the competition.

Normally, MTT poker tournaments are divided into different phases, during which you have to hold on to make it to the end and qualify for the jackpot. This division by phases makes each game different, following a series of different strategies that will have to be adjusted as the game progresses.

If you want to know more, you can learn all about MTT tournaments and the best strategies to use to try to win the jackpot in this article, where we talk about this type of competition.

Keep in mind, on the other hand, that to know how to perform well in multi-table tournaments it is essential to have experience playing online poker, since it is important to diversify strategies, to be aware of everything that happens simultaneously at the tables where you are involved and not to let luck be the only one to decide the fate of your moves.