PPPoker is one of the best platforms for those who want to join a poker club. The advantages of joining one are many and on EasyPPPoker it is possible to do it in the easiest possible way.

EasyPPPoker has been designed to bring you closer to the best four clubs to play poker online. Enjoying a constant level of traffic that nourishes the tables with new players is one of the main benefits, as well as being part of a growing community of players that leads the club to consider being part of a union that magnifies all these advantages, embracing the massive traffic and making each player can enjoy poker at their own pace, with games of their level regardless of their level of experience and with a traffic that does not compromise the viability of the games.

PPPoker: how to use more than one account

Many of those who are already part of a PPPoker club have ever wondered if it is possible to use more than one account on the platform. The truth is that it is possible to do so, taking into account that when joining PPPoker and enjoying the advantages of one of the best clubs it hosts, it is necessary to register.

Over time, whether you are part of Time2Win, Macacos or Sparks Chips, you will probably want to play at different tables at PPPoker, wanting to diversify your presence in the game. Creating more PPPoker user accounts to split your strategy and multiply your winning options is more than recommended, and it’s very easy to do.

The PPPoker app available for iOS and Android devices allows it to be opened on the same device up to three times, meaning that any user can run the app up to three times at a time with three different accounts and at different tables, as long as they are able to keep up with the pace of simultaneous games, of course.

But there are a few things to keep in mind when creating new accounts on PPPoker through its app. Most important of all, you’ll need to create the new accounts from a different device. This is a mandatory step, since the app only allows you to create a single account per device for security reasons. And, if you have the chance and you don’t mind, don’t hesitate to create the new accounts from different Wi-Fi networks.

With these two simple tricks you will be able to open the PPPoker app up to three times at a time and enjoy simultaneous games with different accounts.

Advantages of using more than one account

One of the main benefits of using more than one account is that it is possible to diversify strategies and play games simultaneously without having to play multi-table tournaments. Although in essence the concept is the same, the fact of playing with different accounts allows that a bad move does not tarnish our record, being able to use secondary accounts to experiment with new tactics without our statistics suffering.

This is something that players in the process of learning should do to put their newly learned moves into practice without compromising their stack.

In addition, playing simultaneously at several tables with different accounts allows you to enter the world of multi-table tournaments with less risk. If your intention is to learn to play in MTTs and you have flirted with the idea, do not hesitate to take advantage of the advantages offered by PPPoker when creating several accounts to be able to play poker simultaneously with different profiles.

Keep in mind that playing online poker with different profiles will create a segmentation in your player data, i.e., milestones will not accumulate. This is good if you want to try new strategies or plays with a high probability of going wrong, but the great deeds you can achieve will be recorded in the statistics of that account, without extrapolating to the one you use as your main account. Something to keep in mind if you want to keep your player record spotless, although this should soon cease to be an obsession.

The statistics are important, but for the player’s own study, that is, they allow you to have an overview of the game trajectory. They are by no means representative, since all players are exposed to the effects of variance, but it is important to be aware of the effect that playing with more than one account can have on this aspect.

Another advantage of playing with different accounts is that it can help less experienced players to have more control over their stack. Diversifying the game and managing smaller amounts per account gives you much more control, preventing a bad move or an aggressive opponent from compromising your stack.

It is highly recommended to do it equally between accounts (split it 50% if you use two accounts, or 33% if you use three) and only start creating a main stack flow by contributing the majority amount to one of the accounts you will use as main when you have accumulated enough experience.