Whether you are a player who has created your own club on PPPoker or a poker agent who wants to grow in this world, joining a Union is the wisest step you can take.

The PPPoker app is constantly growing. Every day more and more players, attracted by its significant advantages, download this platform, create an account and either join the clubs hosted on the app or set up their own.

As a player, you will be able to join more than 25 clubs from all over the world belonging to different unions, including Asian, American, Latin American, Australian and European. How to choose among so much diversity? We make it easy for you by telling you about the best PPPoker union: Primetime Union.

What is PrimeTime Mega Union?

In a nutshell: PrimeTime Mega Union is PPPoker’s first mega union. What started as a small American poker union has become an international phenomenon in its own right.

Players from all continents enjoy their passion for poker, competing against each other at the multiple tables available in this great poker union. At this point, it is worth remembering what we are talking about when we refer to poker unions.

Poker unions are those platforms that host several clubs, as poker networks do in the case of rooms, allowing to share traffic and games between the different clubs that integrate them.

However. A poker union is not a mere grouping of clubs. It also implies that all of them act in harmony, so that the offer of games is multiplied and a fluid and constant traffic is generated.

In this way, through a union such as Primetime, a particularly beneficial synergy is created for players, sharing milestones and making each club maintain and improve its position on the platform.

PrimeTime Mega Union consists of more than 140 clubs and is constantly expanding. This translates into massive traffic, action-packed tables at any time and a highly competitive and entertaining environment.

In the line of continuing to grow and offering the best framework for playing poker, PrimeTime Union is the best option for poker agents who, driven by their ambition and desire to grow, want to join a Union that allows them to do so.

In this sense, if you are a club manager in PPPoker, what are you waiting for to join the PrimeTime Union? Whether you have recreational players or grinders, offer them massive traffic, the best games and a lot of action by joining PrimeTime Mega Union.

Reasons to join the best PPPoker union

If PrimeTime Union has become the best union within the PPPoker app, there are undoubtedly some compelling reasons to enjoy such consideration. Do you want to know them? We detail them below:

Wide selection of games

PrimeTime Mega Union’s offer is composed of a wide selection of poker games.

Among them, No Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha are the two formats preferred by players. Next to them, the Pot Limit Omaha 5 variant is gaining more and more followers. In addition, we cannot forget other poker variants such as: Open Face Chinese, Pineapple Hold’em PLO5, PLO6, or PLO Hi / Lo.

On the other hand, the All In Fold variant is perhaps the biggest attraction for Asian players, given the popularity of this format in this geographical area. These players are looking to have fun and not so much to win.

Apparently, the most popular format at Primetime Union tables is Pot Limit Omaha 5, a variant that always has a large influx of players in any type of stakes, from micro limits to 5/10 games.

In addition to the regular games, tournaments are another of the great attractions of PrimeTime Mega Union, highlighting, above all, the MTT tournaments. Grinders, especially frequent in this game format, have a high regard for Primetime’s MTT tournaments due to their duration and significant rewards.

But not only that. The largest PPPoker union has an ace up its sleeve: the PPSTs.

PPST Tournaments

As we have already mentioned in the previous point, when you join PrimeTime Mega Union you will be able to enjoy the exclusive PPST tournaments.

PPST stands for PPpoker Shared Tournaments. It is a set of tournaments that are shared with other PPPoker unions but have been created and designed by PrimeTime Mega Union. It is the Union itself who is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the same.

Massive traffic

As it could not be otherwise, PrimeTime Mega Union offers massive traffic to its clubs, which allows to maintain action-packed tables 24 hours a day.

Recreational players

The vast majority of the players that nurture PrimeTime’s union correspond to the recreational profile.

Therefore, the clubs that belong to the Union are a very suitable framework for those who want to learn and have fun playing poker as well as for grinders looking for soft tables where they can increase their winnings.

Network of wallets

Primetime Mega Union has such a wide network of US wallets and cryptocurrencies that it can cover almost any point of the planet.

What are you waiting for to be part of the best poker union in PPPoker? Join PrimeTime Union and start benefiting from all its advantages.