Every professional poker player is characterized by a marked nonconformism. Despite their good level at the tables and being able to face very pro-opponents, they are always looking to advance, to improve their game and to refine those aspects of their technique with which they are not entirely comfortable.

This leads them to dedicate hours and hours of training every day, spending a good part of their time playing, reading and practicing. Here, however, the voices of the pros carry a lot of weight when they comment on how necessary it is to disconnect from poker and relax the mind with other activities, don’t forget.

And what happens when a professional poker player wants to join a club? Are clubs forbidden for pro players? What if the pro’s level is far away from the club’s average? Are clubs a good place to improve your technique and become an even better professional poker player? Let’s take the guesswork out of it.

Being a professional poker player in a club: what’s it like?

Let’s start with the basics: clubs are open spaces where no player is discriminated from the start, neither by his level nor by any other aspect. Normally, poker clubs welcome everyone, and the higher the level of the player, the higher the category of the club and the more he will expand the frontiers of his game by being able to participate in high-level games.

Playing professional poker in a club is something that really enriches the experience, both for the player and the club. For the player, because he will not need to sift through the rooms to face opponents of his level, since the traffic in the clubs is so high that it will be much easier for him to find opponents of a similar level to face at the tables. The club, because its aim is to enlarge the community, but, above all, to make it varied: from amateur players to professional poker experts have a place here.

This means that it is not a chimera to find a professional poker table inside a club. In fact, clubs are designed to offer a wide variety of tables and game types, where every player can find a tailor-made game without having to deal with the tedious waiting times typical of the rooms if you are outside a club and you do not meet the level requirements or the room lacks sufficient traffic.

Can you learn to play professional poker in a club?

Of course, you can. Clubs are places where it is possible to learn to play poker by fostering a sense of community and belonging to a group that only wants to improve and enjoy poker.

Keep in mind that there is the possibility of creating a club with private games, so that those who want to experiment can try different things or see the effectiveness of the technique they have just learned.

Regardless of the level of the player, the clubs offer everything necessary to improve and enjoy poker at the same time, avoiding the problems of rooms with inconsistent traffic.

Some of these rooms have off-peak hours when, after experiencing a traffic peak, they suddenly become deserted and anyone trying to matchmaking will find it impossible to join a game. Something that does not happen when playing poker in a club.

Therefore, there is no incompatibility between being a professional poker player and being part of a poker club. The only thing that matters is that the level of the table is appropriate, and that is achieved by creating private tables, or selecting games with unique characteristics. Otherwise, learning to play professional poker is something that is achieved with experience, technique, training and a lot of discipline, and poker clubs are the perfect tool for those pillars to be translated in the future into results if you are not yet a pro.

In case you are a poker expert, you will be able to enjoy high level games and play professional poker as a member of the club at tables with opponents of similar levels, and with all the advantages offered by the poker club you are part of, as well as the union in which it is included, if it is integrated in one.

Play professional poker in a club: where to do it

One of the top platforms to join a poker club and play poker, professional or not, is PPPoker. Clubs like Time2Win, Sparks Chips or Twelve Apostles are ideal to start enjoying the advantages of being part of a poker community and maintain the level and quality of your game.

Here are the essential facts about PPPoker’s top five poker clubs where you can join a professional poker game whenever you want:

  • Time2Win.
    • ID: 1021396.
    • Origin: United States.
    • Union: Prime Time.
    • Modalities: MTT, NLH, PLO, PLO5, OFC.
  • Twelve Apostles.
    • ID: 1267813.
    • Origin: Australia.
    • Union: PPPFish.
    • Modalities: MTT, NLH, PLO, PLO5, SNG, OFC.
  • Sparks Chips.
    • ID: 2820775.
    • Origin: —
    • Union: Pinoy Donks.
    • Modalities: MTT, NLH, PLO, PLO5, OFC.
  • Lethal Weapon.
    • ID: 3823974.
    • Origin: —
    • Union: PPPFish.
    • Modalities: MTT, NLH, PLO, PLO5, OFC.
  • Village Idiots.
    • ID: 1371999.
    • Origin: —
    • Union: The Alliance.
    • Modalities: MTT, NLH, PLO, PLO5, SNG, OFC.