Depending on the profile of each player, each user tends to play a different type of tournament. As a general rule, and among those who are not very experienced, there is a tendency to choose the spin tournament as the first option before trying the MTT multi-table scheme. However, this may not be the best idea, given the characteristics of each type of tournament.

Spin tournaments stand out for their speed and dynamism; multi-table tournaments (MTT), for allowing to play several hands at the same time and be eligible for a higher prize. But which poker tournament is better to choose if you are a newcomer to this type of poker competitions?

MTT vs Spin: basic differences between tournaments

Let’s start by talking about poker MTT tournaments. A multi-table tournament is a tournament in which the player can be playing several hands at different tables simultaneously, diversifying his game and making his potential reward much higher.

It requires some expertise to be able to pay enough attention to each hand and play well at all the tables present. This is why it is said that multi-table poker tournaments allow you to better control your bankroll. In addition, these tournaments start with fixed buy-ins and, almost always, very low.

The multi-table tournaments have registration periods that the player must keep under control in order not to exceed the fixed deadline. It must be taken into account that the MTT is a scheduled poker tournament that starts exactly on the date specified in the announcement, so having control over the times is an indispensable condition to be part of the game round.

How do you win a multi-table tournament? That depends on what phase the game is in. During the first phase, it is best to develop a tight game, as our poker pros tell you in our article dedicated to EasyPPPoker multi-table poker tournaments.

In the second phase, when the blinds increase and the stacks become unequal, it is necessary to maintain a tight game if our stack is limited, or start being more aggressive if we have a comfortable cushion.

In the third phase the round is decided. You have to go all-in or fold. At this point of the game, players with low stacks limit themselves to hold and those who can afford it are dedicated to not give a single breath to the rivals, precisely because it is the decisive phase of the round.

As for the SPIN tournaments, in EasyPPPoker we previously told you everything you should keep in mind about these fast and dynamic tournaments. They are tournaments that, although they do not require the diversification of strategies of MTT tournaments, require a level of concentration that makes this kind of competitions unsuitable for beginners.

Due to their dynamism, their frenetic nature and their multiplier system, spin tournaments are the kings of the room. In PPPoker, 3 players can participate and only one of them will be the winner. There are several formats and types of poker that can be applied to a spin poker tournament, including the well-known Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Hold’em.

Depending on the structure of each tournament, the blinds increase at one rate or another. For example, in the Turbo modalities the blinds go up every 5 minutes, not every 10 minutes. The fewer hands there are to play, the sooner the best player can reach his reward for winning the round.

In addition, in PPPoker we have a special mode called SpinsUp, which is diversified in the PPST SpinUp and the standard SpinUp. In the PPST SpinUp it is possible to integrate your club into a union, while in the SpinUp the games are played on private tables.

Why play multi-table or spin tournaments at EasyPPPoker?

The premise of PPPoker’s multi-table poker tournaments and spin tournaments will be familiar to players coming from other poker platforms. But we introduced improvements and new incentives to create a fresh and stimulating experience for those seeking new thrills with the poker tournaments they love.

In addition, in EasyPPPoker clubs it is possible to find 16 levels of blinds, which increase progressively, with different stacks within each club, which increases the chances of players during spin tournaments as the blinds go up.

At EasyPPPoker you will find the best poker clubs. Also, keep in mind that our platform has been specially designed for you to enter some of the best clubs to play online poker, such as Time2Win, Twelve Apostles or Sparks Chips, so you can enjoy the best games always prioritizing fair and safe play, and making your experience in multi-table tournaments and spins much more refined than on other platforms.

If you don’t have much experience in poker tournaments, due to the characteristics of MTTs and spins, you should start with the first ones. A multi-table poker tournament is perfect for you to get the hang of this kind of competitions. When you have enough experience, you could try to play in the frenetic spins and its different modalities.

In addition, we introduce new types of spin tournaments so that you have new experiences to live hand in hand with your club. If you are looking for a safe, reliable platform that offers quality games with the best poker clubs, try joining the PPPoker community – the best multi-table and spin tournaments are waiting for you!