Sit N Go tournaments, also known as Sit&Go, S&Go or SNG, are among the most popular tournaments in poker and the most widely offered. They are very similar to multi-table tournaments, but with a smaller number of participants. The reason why these tournaments have such a large following is because they are easier to enter and the prizes are easier to win, as well as being a perfect bridge to our climb up the professional poker ladder.

If you have already started to participate in these tournaments or are considering making the leap to them, we recommend that you read this article. Below, we explain a starting strategy to help you slowly but surely become an expert at these types of tournaments. Read on for more information!

What are Sit N Go tournaments?

Sit N Go’s are one of the most famous variants of poker tournaments in existence today. It is a type of tournament in which the games do not have a scheduled start time. This means that instead of registering in advance, as is the case with other tournaments, registrations are made on the spot. In these tournaments all players buy in for the same price and receive the same amount of chips. One of the most important features is that players are paid according to the position they finish in and not according to the amount of chips – usually the top three positions are paid. And the prize pool, which is established from the entry fees of all tournament participants, is not fixed in advance.

Mistakes to avoid in poker: what you are doing wrong

In order to carry out a proper strategy in Sin N Go tournaments it is essential to avoid some mistakes that can seriously affect your bankroll. These mistakes apply equally to all other poker tournaments and forms of poker:

  • Don’t play more hands than necessary.
  • Avoid innovating when you are still learning.
  • Don’t bluff too much.
  • Don’t go by intuition, but by the mathematics of poker.
  • Don’t play too many tables.
  • Don’t focus on having a single hand.

It is important to make it clear that in poker there will always be moments of euphoria and moments of downturn, a good poker player knows that after the bad streak there will be a good streak and vice versa, the important thing is not to lose more than you have won and play with head. Neither when you win are you very good, nor when you lose are you so bad.

Bankroll management

To play Sit N Go poker properly it is essential that you learn to manage your bankroll properly. To do this you must be clear about a concept that is fundamental, the variance. In simple terms, variance has to do with the deviation over a short period of time of the win rate. In other words, imagine you enter a Sit & Go tournament for €5 and your bankroll is €50. If you lose four tournaments in a row you will be left with €30, this corresponds to the variance. The variance lets you know how you are managing your bankroll and whether you are playing with appropriate margins – more or less aggressive, depending on the player – and keep in mind that the more players and the faster the Sit & Go, the bigger the bankroll you need to have – understandably so, as luck is not the same in a 10-person tournament as it is in a 100-person tournament.

Applications to learn and solve doubts

Management is not everything, although it is very important. You will also need experience and, therefore, you will have to practice your strategies, as well as know the rules and how the game works. You can therefore rely on various apps to learn more about SnG with all kinds of situations designed to study, before going on to compete. Some of the best apps to learn about Sit&Go are: Sit and Go Wizard, Equilab, Hold’em manager and ICM trainer.

Blind strategy

The Sit&Go variants of Texas Hold’em allow us to play a very effective strategy based on the size of the blinds – or mandatory bets made by two players in each round. If you have more than 12 big blinds, you have a lot of chips; if you have 12 blinds or less, you have fewer chips. The strategy is to play few hands when you have more than 12 blinds, and when you do play them, make sure they are very strong. Keep in mind that the money comes when the blinds are big (over 12), so you’ll need to make sure you’re pushing your opponents out when the blinds are still lower (12 or less).

The choice of the room

Another thing to consider when developing your SNG poker tournament strategy is choosing the right room. What you are most interested in at the beginning is to get experience and learn, so choose a room with about four or five tables. As for the level of the room, look for a room costing between €1 and €5 at the most. We recommend that you also look at the strategy points the room gives you based on the rake generated. This will be a boost for you and your bankroll.

Some tips to keep in mind

Before concluding the article we would like to offer you a few tips that we are sure will be of great help. These are:

  • Search forums and results pages for new strategies and educate yourself little by little.
  • Research the players on the tracking pages.
  • Start with a Sit & Go with tables of 6 to 9 people as they will have the lowest variance.
  • Multi-table Sit and Go’s generally benefit the more skilled players, so don’t move on to them until you’ve been playing the others for a few months.