Playing poker is not just waiting for a miracle to get the coveted Royal Flush. Poker, both physical and online, has a series of tactics to be able to win in every game or not to lose what you have won. In this article we explain some of the best tactics and strategies to play poker like a professional.

Play aggressively

Poker is a game of cards of chance, but also of strategy. We can play in two ways. These are either passive or aggressive. In the case of the passive player, he will be waiting to receive the best cards and have the best hand to step forward. He moves on usually firm and stable. However, it is very unlikely that he will get what is expected. As the number of players increases – they can play from 2 to 22 – it becomes more difficult to put together the perfect hand and compete against the rest. For this reason if we want to win any game in poker we have to take risks. This is how the professionals play this popular French card game.

Aggressive moves can provide us, on the one hand, with more income by forcing the rest of the players to retire – for example, by raising a bet – and, on the other hand, by improving the cards in our hand by taking the lead. Also, by forcing the other players to fold, there is no need to uncover our cards.

Don’t be predictable

Professional poker players are constantly analyzing their opponents. They test you and expect you to react as they have premeditated in their head. Many times the success of a good strategy lies in self-meditated unpredictability. We must consolidate a strategy of unpredictability and assumptions before every move to know how to react without giving our opponents clues of what we are going to do.

Be cautious

Of course, it’s not about playing crazy and betting all our bankroll in one hand. It is important that we measure our account and that we are able to withdraw when we do not see things clearly. Being cautious is not a tactic that is incompatible with aggressive play. It’s having two fingers in front of you and knowing how much we can risk or not.

Keep your nerves

If you’ve looked at poker games with world champions such as Daniel Negreanu, Stu Ungar, Adrian Mateos and Hossein Ensan, you’ll see that they all share a common pattern of behavior. And that is that, regardless of how the game is going, they all remain calm. Inside they may be nervous or even shouting, but the other players should not be aware of the situation. Hence the popular expression: “Poker face”.

However, keeping the nerves serves, on the other hand, to face the blows and be able to resume the game. If you are able to maintain your nerves, despite a hit, you can recover your income if you continue to apply your strategy. However, if you lose your nerves as much as possible, you should hurry up to recover what you have lost and to reveal the cards of the rest of your partners as soon as possible, and for no reason at all.

Analyze the moves and take advantage of the mistakes of the rest of the players

Fundamental and one of the keys to success. During poker games we have to be aware of our opponents’ moves, if they succumb to our strategies or if they fail in theirs. Sometimes a small gesture like scratching your head or hitting the table with your fingers is enough to know that the strategy is not working for them. You must be able to learn to control your game for the rest of your hand when you don’t have the best position. Of calculating pot odds, of recognizing the bluffs and the betting patterns of the players, of checking if they make good use of their position or if, on the contrary, they keep a passive attitude… When we detect a flaw in your tactics it will be time to attack or counterattack.