Texas Hold’em poker is the most popular form of this card game, and also of the rest of the card games around the world. It is the most played poker variant by the lovers of this game, both for those who compete with real money bets, and for those who play for fun. Texas Holdem Poker is very easy to understand, and it is also very dynamic and competitive. Something that gives life to this card game are the big and small blinds, which are mandatory in every game. In addition, its rules are very simple and have some differences with other poker variants, such as Omaha, especially the number of cards to be dealt. In this particular article, we focus on analyzing which are the winning hands of Texas Holdem Poker, so that you can carry out your hand projects and win with the best cards. Keep reading!

Texas Holdem Poker Winning Hands

Texas Holdem is a form of poker in which all 52 cards of the deck are dealt. Each player receives at the beginning a total of 2 private cards and throughout the rounds another 5 community cards are discovered to form a 5-card hand -combining the private and the community cards-. These combinations are the ones that give rise to the winning hands of Texas Holdem poker.

Ranking of poker hands: Royal Flush

The royal flush, also known as Royal Flush, is the best of all poker hands and is unbeatable. It consists of an ace, a king, a queen, a jack and a ten – all of them of the same suit. This combination is very difficult to see because the chances of it appearing are very limited. Theoretically, up to 4 combinations of royal flushes could appear in the same game, depending on the suits -in case this more than improbable fact occurred, there would be a tie-.

Ranking of poker hands: Straight Flush

The Straight Flush, also known as Straigh Flush, occurs when a straight of the same suit is formed – the Royal Flush is a type of Straight Flush. The ace can appear in two positions, depending on the value. That is, as 1 or as 14. The possible combinations to achieve a Straight Flush in play are 36.

Ranking of poker hands: Found of a Kind

Poker, also known as Found of a kind, takes place when there are four cards equal in value – that is, four equal cards of different suits – and one different card. In this case the best poker hands would be the ones with the highest value. It is impossible that two identical poker hands can be repeated in the same game, since there are not so many cards. The possible combinations are 624 for the same deck.

Ranking of poker hands: Full House

The Full hand, also known as Full house, is very similar to the Poker hand, although with the difference that in this case three of the same cards and two pairs are combined. If there is a situation in which several players have a full house, the winning hand is the highest three of a kind. The possible combinations, on this occasion, are 3,744 for a deck of 52 cards.

Ranking of poker hands: Flush

Continuing with the good poker hands we find the Flush hand, also known as Flush. In this case it is about having five cards of the same suit and in the event of a tie, the hand with the highest card wins – in the event that this card is repeated, the next highest card is looked at and so on until the tie is broken. The possible combinations are 5,108.

Poker hand rankings: Straight

The Straight, also known as Straight, takes place when the player combines a total of 5 consecutive cards, but of different suits. Of course, the highest straight wins. The total number of possible combinations for the same poker deck is 10,200.

Ranking of poker hands: Three of a Kind

Also known as Three of a kind. In this case we have a hand composed of three of a kind and two different cards. In the event of a tie, the highest three of a kind wins. The total number of possible combinations for the same deck is 54,912.

Ranking of poker hands: Two Pair

The double pair or Two pair in a hand occurs when the player has two different pairs and one card. In case there is a tie, the hand with the higher pair will win, but if there is still a tie, then the best hand in poker will be the one with the other higher pair. But if there was still another tie, then the winner would be decided by the one with the highest single card. The possible combinations in this case, and for the same deck, are 123,552.

Ranking of poker hands: One Pair

The Pair hand, also known as One pair, takes place when the player has only one pair in his hand and the remaining cards are different from each other. In case of a tie with pairs, the winner is decided by the highest remaining cards of the singles. It is a combination that can result in 1,098,240 possibilities in the same deck.

Ranking of poker hands: High Card

The High Card hand is the highest card in the hand. In this case all the cards are different from each other and do not form any of the hands mentioned so far. It is the lowest combination in the ranking of the best poker hands. If there is a tie with the highest card, the next cards will continue until the winner is decided. The possible combinations, in this case, are 1,302,540.

Texas Holdem poker score: What is it like?

The poker score, or Texas Holdem poker score, does not depend on the value of each card, as it happens in many other table games. The value depends on the different combinations, as we have explained above – that is, on the best poker hands. However, we must also take into account the power of the high card, since we play with the whole deck and the value of the cards is what decides the tie-breakers. In this case we must take into account the following order from good poker cards to bad: Ace, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

The best hand in poker, the royal flush at the WSOP and other competitions

Rarely has a royal flush been seen in a poker competition due to the low odds of getting this draft hand – the odds are 1/649,740 at the start of dealing the cards. One of these took place during the 2007 World Series of Poker when player Dag Martin Mikkelsen sent LoveLace home with a Royal Flush. Las Vegas casinos have also witnessed royal flushes, and recently in the Venetian casino’s gaming room a man who preferred to remain anonymous hit the royal flush while playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The lucky man managed to connect the coveted royal flush after a bet of 15 dollars with insurance included, winning a prize of 1,191,300 dollars.