The Canadian poker player is one of the best in the world. Negreanu has had and continues to have a life of dedication to poker that began at a very early age, approximately from the age of 15, at which time he started playing this popular card game at the same time that he was dedicated to trying others such as billiards, sports betting and so on. All this allowed him to become the player he is today, with six World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets considered the highest recognition for competitions in this card game. Canadian Daniel Negreanu has a lot of experience in this sector, in fact, he has written several books dedicated to amateurs and professionals of this card game to help them improve their strategy. Among the most popular are ‘Texas Hold’em Poker: The Power of Strategy’ and ‘More Hold’em Poker Wisdom for Everyone: 50 New Tips to Make You a Winner’.

Here are Daniel Negreanu’s 10 golden rules that you should always keep in mind to become a pro in this world famous card game. Read on!

1. Daniel Negreanu poker tips: don’t show your cards if you don’t have to

One of the tips Negreanu always repeats in his lectures and in several of the books he has written is not to show your cards if you don’t have to. The poker expert clarifies that the other players will previously analyze how much you have bet and how you have acted to collect all the details of your hand, so it is not necessary to show your cards -regardless of whether you have a good play or if you were bluffing-. In Daniel Negreanu’s lectures, master classes and books the professional player explains that the opponents will use the knowledge of the hand to confront you, therefore, you only have to show your cards when necessary and remember that this is something you know with experience.

2. Daniel Negreanu poker tips: don’t bluff

Something that can be read in Negreanu’s book and that he has repeated on several occasions is that poker professionals do not bluff as much as people think. Negreanu explains that this is one of the mistakes most novices make when facing pros, thinking they are always generating mental manipulations. Experts, he says, win because they play with sound basic principles and are able to recognize dangerous situations. Negreanu’s conclusion is that when a pro is playing a big pot he is rarely bluffing, especially in a tournament where one bad move can cost him all his chips.

3. Daniel Negreanu poker tips: learn how to read players

Another of the poker expert’s tips is to learn to read the players and pay attention to the small details. However, he stresses that every player is different and that this is learned through experience. He explains that he has made reverse tells on several occasions to mislead the other opponents.

4. Daniel Negreanu poker tips: do not prolong loose plays for too long.

Playing loose for too long when the flops are cheap is not a good strategy, explains Negreanu. The professional player reminds that seeing a lot of pots when they are cheap is the wrong decision. He makes it clear that limping when the blinds are cheap does not allow you to win a lot of money. For example, with blinds of 25/50 I’m 75 points in the pot and that’s it. For Negreanu, the ideal time to open the hand is when the antes come in on the flop, from then on you can play loose.

5. Daniel Negreanu poker tips: have a clear objective from the very first moment.

This is another key to Negreanu’s strategy. For the expert in this card game it is essential to have a clear objective and how to achieve it, but also why. For Negreanu defining an objective can help to achieve greater stability throughout a tournament, as well as bring more interest in the game and fight to be number one.

6. Daniel Negreanu poker tips: make the other players think you are playing tight.

Playing tight means keeping a firm control of the number of hands played or, what is the same, playing little throughout the rounds. As statistics show, generally only 10% to 25% of all poker hands are worth playing. For Negreanu a very important part of the strategy is to make the rest of the opponents believe that you apply this strategy. The key is to make the other players realize that you have not played a hand for a long time in order to profit from it.

7. Daniel Negreanu poker tips: play junk hands off the button

This strategy applies to situations with junk hands after the flop and in no-limit Hold’em tournaments. The player exposes a situation where he knows both opponents after having competed with them for hours and one of them raises with possibly bad cards and the other one calls, while you are in the button position with a junk hand. The worst thing you can do in such cases, he says, is to call as well or go all in. As explained in Negreanu’s books, master classes and articles published by him, the best thing to do – in these situations – is to fold, raise to double or raise higher. In addition, because you are in a complete bluff and to prevent your opponents to call the flop, it is best to raisear for a value greater than double.

8. Daniel Negreanu poker tips: trust your first instinct

Another tip offered by the poker expert is to trust your first instinct. The player stresses that this may be the most valuable tip he shares and says that “it is simple, yet extremely straightforward and powerful”. He stresses that by considering the hands analytically, only, and analyzing the odds it is possible to miss an important part of the message sent by your subconscious. This is fundamental to know how to read the opponents and determine if they really have or are bluffing. It indicates that, first of all, you should review the bets, analyze the past behavior of the rival, the current emotional state and corroborate the mathematics. In case all this fails, it is time to trust your first instinct.

9. Daniel Negreanu poker tips: How to play a pair of kings.

Although kings can be very useful to win any game (this is the second best hand you can be dealt in Texas Hold’em), as explained in Negreanu’s book, the professional player points out that it can also cost you a lot of money if you don’t bet the right way. To play kings properly, the following should be kept in mind:

– It is almost never correct to get rid of them preflop.

– You should bet as you would any other strong card (for example, a moderate raise around three blinds).

– Do not make suspicious or peculiar plays, so as not to give clues.

10. Daniel Negreanu poker tips: fail and learn

Daniel Negreanu recognizes that he has failed many times and that this has helped him to become the player he is today. The expert indicates that it is inevitable to lose at the beginning, but that you should play with your head and lose as little as possible. The failures end up tanning the professional poker players.