More and more players are choosing to try poker, something that is not surprising if we take into account that poker has become one of the most popular card games internationally. In the last decade, poker has extended its networks, expanding its growth from the United States to Spain and Latin America, something that is even more understandable if we take into account the increase of players who opt for the online modality of this game. In fact, much of the popularity of this game is due to the ease provided by casino platforms and poker rooms, which allow access to poker tournaments in a much simpler way.

Poker lovers who have been playing for some time and who have the necessary skills and the pretension of making a living from poker will surely know the list we offer below, but maybe some of them will escape you. We tell you everything in this article about the best international poker tournaments.

World Series of Poker (WSOP)

Undoubtedly, it is the most popular and well-known poker tournament held in America. It was created in 1970 and has 55 tournaments in different poker modalities, which take place at an international level in different cities of the world. The headquarters of the WSOP, however, is located in Las Vegas, the capital of casinos, betting and gambling.

Each edition has the most generous prizes, although the figures vary from edition to edition, since they depend on the bets made by the participants. What is certain is that the jackpot always turns the lucky winner into a multimillionaire.

World Championship of Poker online (WCOOP)

It was created in 2002, so it is a relatively young poker tournament designed for those players who prefer to have the opportunity to show their skills in this game and win a huge pot from the comfort of their home, since it is one of the best online poker tournaments, with prizes of more than 10 million dollars!

It is held annually in September and access to the tournament is very simple: either you pay the direct entry to it (downloading the software on your computer, creating your account and buying the ticket) or you can participate in one of the Satellite tournaments that cost less than a dollar and win your pass to the event.

World Series of Poker Europe

Actually, this tournament is something like an expansion of the WSOP born the same year, but in Europe. Its most important characteristic is that it is the only poker tournament that awards bracelets outside the United States. Although it has the same dynamics and rules as its original American version, its difference lies in the location where it is held and in the fact that most of the players who participate in it are European. However, this is not discriminatory, since players from outside the European Union can also participate, although they have to pay for their own transportation and accommodation.

European Poker Tour

It is important not to confuse this poker tournament with the previous one, as they are not the same. The European Poker Tour is the most recent of the five best online poker tournaments, since its creation took place in 2004. Its recognition is such that all its editions are broadcasted for the European public, making it a kind of series, since each edition of the tournament has the television treatment of a season.

One of the differences of this tournament with respect to the others we have talked about before is the fact that its final tables have 6, 9 and 8 participants respectively.

World Poker Tour

We close the list with another of the most famous tournaments broadcasted on television. Only the best poker professionals have a place in the Word Poker Tour and, in fact, in addition to the juicy prizes that can be obtained in it if you reach victory, it also offers points to the players according to the position in which they are in the tournament. In this way, the competition is fueled beyond the edition itself, since the purpose of it is also to climb positions in the overall ranking of players.


Do you already know which poker tournament you would like to participate in? If you like this game, we recommend you to follow the broadcasts of these tournaments in their next edition, not only because of the fun they can be for poker lovers, but also because you can learn a lot in them: psychology, strategy, tricks of the best players… However, before participating in one of them, you will have to practice a lot to measure your skills against those of the professionals. Courage and let’s get go!