Are you a person interested in poker who wishes to join the online poker circuit? Then you are really lucky, because we bring you this post to get you closer to the best online poker tournaments and we explain them to you, in case you choose to play them.

Unlike cash games, poker tournaments start with an event ticket being bought with a set price and making all players start with the same number of chips. Those players will be eliminated when they lose all their chips.

Ever since the great Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker Main Event back in 2003, people’s interest in online poker tournaments has gone in crescendo. In only three years of difference, the same event reached 8,773 players, getting to be the largest live poker tournament and with a prize of $12 million. That’s what makes this kind of tournaments so attractive, the fact of knowing that with a chip, a chair and tons of luck you can get to be millionaire.

If you are interested in learning about online poker tournaments, check out this post, where we will bring you the best poker rooms and where we will talk about the best online poker strategy so success is always on the table for you.  Here we go!

Multitable online poker tournaments

These are the standard in online poker. As we said before, you need to pay a buy-in fee in exchange for a stack of chips and when you lose those chips, you get expelled from the tournament.

The most important thing about this kind of online poker tournaments is the fact that it takes place over multiple tables with a specified number of players per table, having a designated starting time until the table is broken (when players start to burst out and the number is uneven) and players get redistributed to other tables that show empty seats.

Yes, winning multitables online poker tournaments it’s not easy, but if you do you can be assured that the prize will be a great score.

SCOOP (Spring Championship Of Online Poker) is a good example for this type of online poker tournament. This Championship is three weeks long and there are almost 300 events yearly and the top level often guarantees a prize of $1 million for the winner.

Sit and Go online poker tournaments

Incredibly popular, this kind of poker tournaments started online. Usually this online poker tournament starts with one or two tables and as soon as every seat is filled. Payouts are normally for the best three players, but it depends on the number of tables being played.

If you want to play this kind of poker tournament, you need to be really quick, especially if you want to play them at the biggest poker sites, since the poker tournaments start so fast that you run out of time to select and open a set in time. Being this way, you won’t have to compete with hundreds of players, so if you are a new poker player, maybe this is the best experience for you.

Shootout online poker tournaments

They combine both multitables and Sit and Go tournaments and in this kind of tournaments you will have to play at one table at a time until there is just one person left at each table. If you win, you will pass to the next round and the action will repeat until there is just one winner.

Satellite online poker tournaments

This is one of the favorite tournaments of those who play at our poker clubs. Satellite tournaments offer you a huge prize: the buy-in to another (and greater) prize pool poker tournament.

Do you remember we told you about Moneymaker? Well, he won his $10,000 seat into the WSOP Main Event through winning a $40 satellite. Definitely a nice prize!

Turbo online poker tournaments

Do you enjoy the action? Do you want REAL action? Then you have to try Turbo Tournaments. Remember when we told you that Sit and Go tournaments are really quick? Well, Turbo Tournaments are even faster. You will need to really focus, since this kind of poker tournaments will need you to make fast decisions so you better be paying attention.


We hope you have enjoyed learning about the best online poker tournaments. Don’t forget to get here your chips!