Are you bored of playing with only one poker table everyday? Would you like to try the multitabling strategy to compete simultaneously with other players and make your poker strategy more dynamic and entertaining? Then don’t miss the analysis we have prepared for you with these 6 multitabling poker softwares to make your game more entertaining and, why not, to give you the chance to increase your winnings.

Discover here the 6 best applications to play poker with multitabling mode and in a professional way.


StackAndTile is an English-speaking application that allows you to see at a glance where each of the tables you are competing with are located simultaneously. This application will place the tables on a single screen with a very dynamic and simple interface. Also -one of the most outstanding options of this software- it allows you to highlight the most important tables and hide the unnecessary ones.

With StackAndTile you can automatically arrange the tables on top of each other or even across the screen. It also offers you the possibility of placing the tables manually. Now, you must bear in mind that this application has a trial version, but if you want to use it for longer you will have to pay a fee for it. This application is developed for poker professionals.


Multitabling is one of the most used strategies by poker professionals to increase their winnings and make the games more entertaining. This application, in particular, is designed to make it easier to play while competing with several tables simultaneously. It allows us, among other things, to design templates and place tables, regulate betting amounts, use the instant command to automatically return to the session and a large number of other quick access keys. In addition, it automatically registers you for SNG tournaments – as long as you set it up that way.

Please note that this software only supports 3 poker rooms: PokerStars, PartyPoker and FullTitlt. Also, this application is fee-based. As with the previous one, you should bear in mind that it is intended for professionals. If you still don’t have a strategy for multitabling, here you can consult our guide to learn how to play like a professional.

Table Tamer

Table Tamer is software designed to help online poker players maximize their efficiency by offering the possibility of managing multiple tables simultaneously. This application has hotkeys and allows you to automate tasks – such as closing annoying chat pop-ups or clicking on the time bank – and much more.

Table Tamer offers you, among many other things, to create the design of the tables. This application has several mosaic modes to distribute the tables on the screen in the way that is most practical for each player. It also allows you to use the keyboard – and even the Xbox 360 controller – to control the poker tables using the hot keys.

On the other hand, with this application you have the possibility to make predefined bets to complete the betting table according to the configuration that each user considers appropriate. Finally, it provides a most attractive interface by having the possibility to reduce the size of the miniature tables to check our strategy at a glance.

SessionLord Multitabling

What we like best about this application is that it gives you the ability to find the best players at the table. It is one of the fastest programs to carry out the analysis and registration of Sit & Go without limitations in the games. It also provides an automatic collection of unknown players in Sit & Go and marks them with a color code.

As with the other applications, it allows you to organize the tables and use quick keys to open the tables. This application also has a HUD that includes a game history and even jackpot odds. Its main functions also include the probability of distributing hand power on unknown flops. It is a very complete application with characteristics very similar to Table Ninja.


This application is available in several languages, including Spanish. With SlotPokerPro it is very easy to organize the tables of different rooms on the desk. It allows us to carry out an automatic alignment of all the tables in mosaic mode, although, if you prefer, you can activate the option of aligning the screens only in the part of the monitor where the mouse is. Another feature of SlotPokerPro is that it allows you to design the layout – or template – on which the tables you will be competing on will be placed. Of course, it is possible to disable all the chat rooms through the settings – which are very annoying when we are playing at several tables simultaneously – and also to enlarge the main screen where we are going to play – by highlighting it in front of the rest – just by placing the cursor over it.

It is an application designed for professionals and for payment, although the fee is very low. The price for the license is about 15 euros per year.


We conclude the analysis with this application designed, also, for multitabling in poker. One of the most outstanding features of this application is that it offers the possibility to create notes about the opponents. These will be shown by moving the cursor over the avatars of each one. PartyCaption also offers the possibility of establishing the amount of the bets for each table in an automatic way. To do so, we will have to configure it according to what we consider to be the most appropriate. This application is also fee-based and its current price is about 30 euros per year.