Poker can be considered a sport played by everyone from the rich to the poor. That makes it currently the most popular card game in the world. Thanks to its popularity, it can be said that there have been games of all kinds. For that reason we have decided to show you some of the best poker games in the world. They are small anecdotes that you will surely like to know if you are really passionate about the world of poker.

Longest poker game in history

Are you curious to know what is the longest poker game in history? As we can read in this article we wrote, the longest game in history took place in 2010.

Specifically the game took place at the Bellagio casino hotel in Las Vegas. We were able to watch poker player Phil Laak play for 5 days in a row. That means it became the longest game in history.

Phil Laak accompanied Jennifer Tilly, who was going to play a single session. What at first seemed like a normal game, quickly started to drag on. That means that the game started on Wednesday at 12 o’clock and ended on Monday at 7 o’clock. To be precise, it took 115 hours for the game to end. Hence we can say that it is the longest game in the world, at least as far as we know.

In addition, the game was not just any game, but was enjoyed by more than 100,000 people live all over the world. That shows that it was an important game and that it was gaining emotion as it was lengthening in time.

The second longest game in history

The second longest poker game in history was also very important for this card sport. It was played by Larry Olmsted in 2004. In that case the game lasted 72 hours, i.e. three full days.

Up to the time of Phil Laak’s game, this was the longest recorded game in history, which means that there is a lot of information about it.

Special Silicon Valley games

One of the millionaire poker games that have gone down in history. Not only because of the large amount of money that was moved in the game, but because it involved such important people as Phil Hellmuth or Mark Pincus among others.

What was really striking about this game is that the stakes were at least $100, which means that the game was played hard. This caused some players to lose large amounts of money in a matter of minutes. One example is Hellmuth. According to what he told the media, the player even lost $32,000 against David Lee.

When we talk about poker games in that area, it is not complicated to see that the amounts of money that move are large. In order to be able to participate in these games, it is necessary to come with a lot of money. We are really talking about exclusive games for the strongest economies.

Tobey Maguire’s poker games

Another of the most important poker games that can be played right now. In them have participated players as important as Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio or Rick Salomon among many others.

As you can imagine, the stakes were not small. The initial bets were 100 dollars, but as in many occasions there was a buy-in, this made the games move large amounts of money. Sometimes the bets could go up to $1,000 without any problems.

The players enjoy this game in the most important area of Viper Room. Although after his death the games moved and have lost a lot of importance.

Johnny Carson’s game

For many it is the best poker game in the world. As in everything, it depends on tastes, but it really had a lot of importance and will always remain in the memory of the true lovers of the card game.

In spite of the importance of the game, in which people as important as Johnny Carson or Martin Short among others participated, it is said that the stakes were not too high. Even so, many people lost significant amounts. For example, Martin Short always commented that in a quarter of an hour he lost 1800 dollars.

Larry Flint’s Poker Games

The player has always been considered to be one of those who made the most exclusive games. Usually these games were held at his home in Hollywood Hills or at the Hustler casino in Los Angeles.

As far as we have been able to learn, because there is currently not much information about these private games, the stakes could even be as high as $8,000. That is why these games are currently called the biggest 7 Card Stud games in the world. Of course, this importance attracted the attention of great fortunes, hence they are poker games with a lot of renown, although not much is known about them.

What is known is that Larry was a very demanding person. For that reason, those who arrived late had to put 500 dollars, money that was destined to pay for food and drinks. In addition, the game was played at a low temperature, which meant that many had to dress very warmly.

Dan Bilzerian’s poker games

Another of the best known games in the poker world. It was attended by such important people as Dan Bilzerian and other businessmen. Of course, the fundamental requirement was that they were very rich to be able to access the game.

The stakes were really high and the games were rotated from place to place to prevent them from becoming known. Taking into account the information offered by the most important character on Instagram, in a single year he earned 50 million dollars through the home games. In other words, the game helped him increase his fortune even more.