The well-known live streaming platform has been one of the great allies in the broadcasting of poker events worldwide. Thanks to it, thousands of players and poker fans around the world can not only view some of the most famous poker tournaments and championships in the world, but it also acts as a live learning platform where the most inexperienced players can visualize a lot of plays and better understand some concepts associated with professional poker games.

What is Twitch, and why is it so popular among poker fans?

Twitch is a streaming platform that broadcasts live content from all over the world. For a few years now, Twitch has been predominantly a platform for streaming video game play, fueled by the possibilities that last generation consoles, with their live game sharing options, provided to gamers.

Mainly nurtured by video game matches, Twitch has become more professional over time to end up being the host space for broadcasting and screening face-to-face e-Sports events. Its nature strongly linked to electronic gaming events, together with the increase in restrictions on advertising associated with the game on platforms such as YouTube, reducing the monetization benefit of this type of retransmissions, has led almost all players and organizers of world poker events to decide to broadcast their games through Twitch, which enjoys audience levels that increase exponentially every month.

But beyond legislative and regulatory issues regarding advertising and the projection of bookmakers and online gambling services, there are four reasons why Twitch is enjoying enormous popularity among poker players.

A question of charisma

Poker players are somewhat unique people, and some are even a bit too peculiar. Something that Twitch achieves very well and that the audience appreciates is to enhance the natural character of most players, exploiting all their charisma and allowing to show a much closer and true-to-life side. This approach is enormously attractive for a large part of the audience that watches poker in its different formats on Twitch.

The best school

The possibilities offered by Twitch are enormous, and not only have to do with the possibility of visualizing the development of some of the most famous poker games. For the most novice players, being able to see in front line, with privileged angles, everything that happens at the poker table while listening to the explanations of the commentators who accompany each play, is something priceless.

Allows you to watch complete events

Beyond being a mere platform for rebroadcasting game play, Twitch and poker are linked beyond that, as the platform acts as a digital showcase for some of the most important poker events worldwide. We are not only talking about the fact that Twitch allows you to watch live poker games: it also allows you to follow the entire event live.

It allows you to get to know your opponents better

Twitch is a platform that is not only used by poker fans to enjoy live games: it is also a tool that allows professional players to study their opponents in a way that not even face-to-face can offer.

Broadcasts provide unique shots of faces and moves of enormous value to professional poker players, who can extract a great deal of information just by studying, from a privileged angle, the body language of their opponents.

In addition, the possibility for streamers to improve their game using Twitch’s own broadcasts makes poker much more interesting. Poker has always been a game that has not only been played at the table: the variables of the environment directly affect the player, and platforms like Twitch allow this to be taken to a new level.

Twitch and the poker industry: the business of in-game streaming

Despite the restrictions on advertising that platforms such as YouTube have implemented, clearly positioning themselves against the unlimited monetization of content related to gambling and bookmakers, poker continues to stand out within the online gambling sector.

For this reason, and given that Twitch does not have the same advertising policy, the transfer of users from YouTube to Twitch has been very noticeable, leaving only a small percentage of players who use their profile to publish poker-related content.

The high rates of audience that Twitch harvests month after month globally and in the poker sector in particular, and the scarcity of alternatives that have a projection similar to that of Twitch, makes this the preferred platform for amateur, amateur and professional players to view, study and enjoy poker.

The feedback that occurs between the online game, with its huge legion of followers worldwide, and the growing audience on Twitch of poker games, coupled with the increasingly common creation of profiles on this platform, makes Twitch not only an ideal platform to view content related to professional poker, but to act as a communication center between amateurs and poker players of all levels.