PPPoker, like all other poker platforms, seeks to innovate and offer fresh experiences. It is vital that the game feels new and surprising without losing that familiarity that everyone finds, no matter what game they play. And that’s where innovation comes into play, and PPPoker knows a lot about that.

One of the most recent additions seeking to create new sensations in poker games are the Bomb Pot, a special type of tables where the adrenaline is triggered and the prize pool can reach incredible sums from one moment to the next.

But the Bomb Pot concept is not new. In fact, they were first introduced at the Casino Royale in California in 2009 in a live poker event. Over the years, PPPoker and other platforms have decided to recover it to incorporate it to their tables, giving a twist to their game offer.

Bomb Pot Poker: how do you play at these tables?

The traditional Bomb Pot are random pots, in which each and every player puts an ante. The game, usually Hold’em, starts immediately from the flop. The Bomb Pot tables launched by PPPoker in 2022 kept that essence, although they incorporated new features that make them unique:

  • Available modes. In addition to Texas Hold’em, which has been the basic Bomb Pot variant since its inception, PPPoker has added other types of poker to the offering for this type of table, including Omaha poker, 3-1 Hold’em and mixed games.
  • Blinds. At partypoker’s Bomb Pot, players do not pay blinds.
  • Types. PPPoker offers its community two different types of Bomb Pot tables: random and fixed. In the random tables, the pot is random (determined by the administrator, and can range from 1BB to 30BB). In the fixed ones, the total amount is shown to the players before each hand starts.
  • Bonus track. In addition, at these tables the total ante amount is determined based on the Bomb Pot, and is paid by all players. If the drop were 4 BB on a ½ table, all players pay 4 – 2 = 8 as ante bomb pot.

Bomb Pot tables have also become popular with 5-card Omaha. But it should be noted that the Bomb Pot is a function that is not activated randomly, i.e., there is a frequency of play that fixes how often a Bomb Pot is set.

PPPoker Bomb Pot: strategies to win them

Bomb pots have become popular thanks to the expansion of American tables and the proliferation of cash games. Although to win these pots it is necessary to follow many of the principles established in cash games, where the speed and the fight for the pot can be ruthless, there are aspects that make this type of games to be in another league.

The Bomb Pot gives a twist to the game and sometimes they have even changed the blinds, making everyone see the flop, which means that a bomb pot is the starting signal of a race for the jackpot among all participants. PPPoker has tweaked this system to offer a renewed experience and break with what has been seen so far.

A pot bomb is simply a hand in which each player agrees to place a certain amount of bet in the pot before the hand is dealt. No preflop bet is allowed, and play resumes when the dealer draws the flop.

Actually, the origin of the bomb pot arose as an incentive to close the tables in a different way, but they soon became a mechanism to make the tables more action-packed and adrenaline-filled.

Although for many there is an unwritten rule that with each dealer change a bomb pot is made, in PPPoker the frequency is determined by the platform itself, accentuating the tension to know if it will be in the next round when the bomb pot will appear.

The strategy to face a bomb pot well is no different from a fight for the normal pot, although a vital aspect to be able to face the ante payments is to manage the bankroll well. That is why the BRM, which is crucial in any poker game, acquires a special relevance in this type of games.

In short: a bomb pot table jumps the preflop game, lets everyone see the flop in exchange for the ante bomb pot payout and makes the prize pool grow, which makes the action go higher during the round as you are eligible for an unusually high prize.