In poker, it is very common to find words and expressions that come from English and, despite the fact that they can be translated and used in other languages, the English expressions have been generalized for some moves, techniques or even for the bet itself. A clear example that surely comes to mind is the expression All-In in which the “All or nothing” is mentioned, however, if you want to express yourself as a professional, you must adopt the words that are used worldwide, which are the English ones. This is what happens with the term straddle, and that’s why we want you to have all the information about what straddle is in poker, as well as the types that exist, among other details so that you can become an experienced player.

What is straddle in poker

To let you know what it is straddle in poker, we have to know that it is a special type of bet and that it is only made optionally when you have not yet seen the cards that are hidden on the game table and that it is only going to be made in certain poker games, since not all of them have this kind of bet enabled. In general, to be able to use a straddle, you will have to be playing in the “nosebleed” mode or in the “high stakes” mode and always if the game is played live. This means that, at the moment of making this bet, all the players have to be active and online, since there are platforms in which the games are not live and can last for several hours until one of the players responds.

It is worth mentioning that any player can make a straddle bet in poker, as long as a series of rules are followed, but it is important to understand that it is a voluntary action and that, if it is not desired, there is no reason to make it.

Types of straddle in poker

Once you know what straddle is in poker, the next thing is to know the different types that exist and when is the perfect time to make this move that can be very effective, as long as you have the necessary experience. It is important to remember that not everybody is an expert in these optional bets, so some professional players can quickly read the bluff that has been created and you can end up losing the game and even the money of your bet, for this reason it is interesting to know how to analyze the table and the cards that the opponents may have in order to avoid a defeat.

The most conventional of all is the one in which the player considered UTG, that is to say the first one who speaks and who is on the left (being generally the one who starts with the biggest disadvantage of all) is the one who plays this bet, being able to raise the amount of the stake from a double of what is being played, up to a number not superior to 250%. You must know that the bet is made at all times in blind, before the cards that are hidden are turned over. Many professionals prefer, when playing live, that the straddle in poker is made even before the dealer deals the cards, since it can give the impression that those cards are really good or that there is some kind of strategy.

This bet can be doubled by the next player right after the UTG player and in the same way, it is made alone without turning the cards over and without the dealer performing any action. In the same way, this bet can go up in rank with the following ones, so if it were to turn around the cost of the bet could be very high, being an action that generates a lot of adrenaline but also that is very enjoyable as long as you have enough possibilities with the hand you have at that moment. It is important to know that you can win a great amount of money, but you can also lose it, so it is advisable to play this bet with caution.

Mississippi Straddle in Poker

In this case, the person who acts as a croupier is the one who decides when to perform a straddle or not. In this case, as in the previous one, it must be done without dealing or looking at the cards, so that the move is more exciting. Many times the croupier uses this bet to give some life to the game, especially in players that are not very experienced and that don’t have enough ease or mischief to make this kind of strategic move. The most direct difference with the previous type is that it is the croupier only who performs this action, but the rest of the UTG players can keep on raising and doubling the bet or withdraw, in case they do not want to keep on playing.