Even if online poker tournaments can be extremely frustrating at times, they also are a great joy and fun when competing in one. Also, they can be potentially lucrative and make you win a meaningful sum if you’re a good player or if you have the right advice in order to play like a pro.

We don’t mean to say that if you deposit $200 and play a bunch of online poker tournaments you will be rolling in cash, but it’s possible to make profit out of it, even if you are a recreational player. To provide you with the weapons you need to win all this poker beasts tournaments, we have designed this five tips to help you get better prepared to find success.

Prepare yourself for a long session

Online poker tournaments take several hours to get completed, so it’s necessary that you understand this and you are prepared to play for quite a long time. Some online poker tournaments can even last twelve hours, so get ready with some caffeine and don’t forget to be sure you won’t have job commitments the next day.

Swings are a real thing

Because of the amount of opponents that you will have to face and get through, the variance in small stakes online poker tournaments is huge. Also, you need to take into account the fact that many players will call your raises, even the all-in raises you make, with holdings very stupid, something that will add a plus to the unpredictability of outcomes. In the long run this is a very favorable situation, but in short term… not so much. We strongly recommend you to have a wide bankroll prepared to be your support when times get hard and difficult.

Play simple and have a safe strategy

As we told you in our post of how to bluff in poker, bluffing is a poker element mandatory in your poker game. But we told you as well that you will need to learn when and how to bluff if you want your strategy to be successful. Many of your opponents will call your bets so, obviously, you’ll need to make sure you get the maximum value from your made hands in order to keep advantage with your strong holdings. That way you’ll prevent money to slip through your fingers in some important online poker tournaments.

Your opponents will give you the opportunity to bluff them, but you need to understand the risk this entails. However, if you are properly bankrolled, it will be a good investment.

Play safe but avoid “balanced styles”

If we understand a balanced style like the way to play avoiding potentially exploitable patterns by performing different actions in situation deemed as similar, we need to tell you that is not the greatest strategy and, definitely, it’s not a safe one. Do not worry about giving away some patterns of your play, especially when betting big bet with strong hands in online poker tournaments against less skilled opponents.

Pay special attention to the betting

It’s normal to complain about your luck when your opponents always hit the nuts on the river, but this is just plain rubbish. If you pay attention to the way they bet, you’ll see those exact opponents more often than not play their hands without realizing they are giving you a chance to get away from pots if you really need to.

This is something you can see with players who call the pre-flop, the flop, the turn and then you are in the riven when the flush comes in. It’s obvious to think he has the flush. Exactly the same happens when some apparently weak players raise you on the river, which would definitely mean they’ll have the necessary hand to beat you.


These are the 5 tips of things we strongly recommend you to take into account when playing online poker tournaments. Of course they don’t assure the success, but if you follow them, you’ll be in the right path to succeed. We hope we have helped you to better understand how to play poker. Now all you need to do is to put in practice your skills, so take a further look to the best 5 online poker tournaments and start playing now!