Have you ever heard the term backdoor in poker? What if I told you that you have used it countless times in your games without knowing it?

Familiarizing yourself with poker terms will not only help you to have a more global and complete vision of the game, but it will also open the door to profits, as you will have more control over each of your hands.

Especially common in the Hold’em variant, backdoor poker is more present at the tables than you might think. And in this article, we explain why. Today we talk about the backdoor, a concept that you should include in your poker glossary and that will greatly enrich your game.

What is a backdoor in poker?

The backdoor is a very common play in poker, since many hands are solved precisely thanks to this strategy.

In fact, the meaning “backdoor” is especially significant, since, with this strategy, you can get a good play in a totally unexpected way, since you did not count on it beforehand.

The backdoor corresponds to that play in which you tie a hand with the fourth and the fifth card, that is, with the turn and the river. Generally, this play is bet on when you have a straight or flush draw.

The backdoor, also known as “two-card draw”, as we can imagine, is associated with strategy, such as bluffing or bluffing. Straight flush draws that can be completed through a backdoor are the main reason why many players employ this strategy.

However, as in other poker strategies, the backdoor has to be carried out based on a calculation of probabilities, as well as other factors that will make us decide to continue betting or not.

In any of the cases, before a large investment, a backdoor is not recommended, since it is not a play with great probabilities of reaching a successful conclusion. However, as long as the balance of the game is in our favor, we could take the plunge and try to turn a good play into a superior hand.

Types of backdoor

The backdoor, two-card draw or runner-runner play, is divided into two types depending on the hand you are aiming for: straight or flush.

If we get a flush on the turn and river, we have a backdoor flush. On the other hand, if we get a straight flush, we are talking about a backdoor straight. Here are the details of both concepts.

Backdoor flush

In a backdoor flush poker, you need two consecutive cards of the same suit to complete the flush.

How many hands have not been won with this strategy? The truth is that a backdoor flush is quite frequent. However, this is a project that is unlikely to be completed. It is estimated that there is only about 5% chance to get a flush with a backdoor flush.

However, if the fourth card, that is, the turn, is in your favor, the odds increase. If you find yourself in this situation, you will have to ask yourself the following questions to determine whether or not you should continue betting.

  • What could be the hand of my opponents?
  • In addition to the backdoor flush, could I get anything else?
  • How much of my bankroll should I bet?

In case your opponents have a strong hand, it is advisable to abandon the project, because you will literally be betting everything on one card. As for the second question, if you only depend on the flush draw, remember that there is a 5% chance that it will be successful.

As for the question of what you should bet on, if you are considering continuing the play, you will have to evaluate the investment. In any case, we recommend that it should not be too high and that, in addition, you take into account several aspects, such as the accumulated jackpot, to make up your mind.

Backdoor straight

In a backdoor straight you will need the turn and river cards to complete your straight draw.

In this case, imagine that, as a player, you have in your hand an ace of spades and 7 of hearts. On the flop, the following cards appear: 2 of hearts, 4 of clubs and king of spades. In the event that, on the turn and river, a 3 and a 5, of any suit, are revealed, you would get a straight.

Again, the probabilities of getting it are low, so you will have to evaluate the factors mentioned above to decide what your next move will be. Remember that it is also possible to get a flush and a straight at the same time in one hand using the backdoor strategy.

Aspects to take into account in a backdoor

Now that you know what a poker backdoor is and what types there are, here are some considerations to keep in mind for your next card game.

It’s hard to deal with backdoor nuts

Another of the useful concepts in the poker world is nuts, or what is the same, the highest possible play that can be formed with the cards on the table.

In case you make a backdoor nuts, and get a straight, flush or both, and match the best play on the table, hardly any other player’s hand will be able to match yours.

Backdoor straights go more unnoticed

Straight flush draws are more obvious than straight draws. The reason? In case of completion, there must be three cards of the same suit on the table.

However, straight flushes can be hidden and concealed better, which is a real advantage. Combining a straight backdoor with a bluff can give you a win.

Take advantage of the floating technique

Floating is a play with which we start from a not very strong hand, but we try to call the bet, hoping to take the chips later in the game, that is, during the turn and river.

Backdoor is the perfect play to combine with the floating technique. You can call the bet on the flop and, in the event that the turn card has, on the one hand, disadvantaged the opponent and, on the other hand, has benefited you, opening a straight or flush draw, you bet to take the pot.

In case the opponent sees it and calls the bet, you will have some chances to complete the project or to bluff on the river.