It is common for poker fans who enjoy playing poker to eventually want to join a club. The main problem with young poker platforms is that they risk not having the level of traffic needed to ensure optimal game flow, causing waits at the tables and lowering the expectations of users who were expecting to enjoy online poker with real opponents from other parts of the world.

Poker clubs are a great solution to put an end to this problem. By having a portfolio of players who play on a recurring basis, a member of a club can more easily find a table where they can enjoy the game with other players from the same or other clubs.

The same process can occur on the basis of a poker club. We refer to unions. A poker union is a group of clubs that are grouped together to enjoy the massive traffic they bring and generate much more benefits to the players who are part of the club.

Poker unions: what are they and what are their dynamics?

A poker union works like a club, but in a big way. Players who are part of a club can enjoy a wider variety of competitions, with a much more extensive offer of games and tournaments and with greater security and transparency policies that seek to provide the necessary trust to promote the correct development among the entire community.

The unions allow access to poker rooms with the guarantee that there will always be players available, you can always find a table where there is no lack of competition. But we are talking about such a high number of players that there are thousands of players available at least in the rooms of the unions. This is a huge advantage, since players can be guaranteed to always find a table where they can play against their rivals.

As the union adds clubs to its roster, the traffic becomes more and more massive. The variety of games increases, the number of players increases, and processes such as withdrawals or deposits are unified, whose policies and conditions are much more transparent and honest with a union, as there are no particular requirements for each of the groupings. Everything is encompassed within the umbrella of one union, making everything much more cohesive.

All about PrimeTime Union, the best union of PPPoker

At PPPoker, poker clubs are well known. Some of the best ones are under their label, but it is also worth mentioning PrimeTime Union, one of the top poker unions in PPPoker.

What makes it so special is that PrimeTime Union is a PPPoker mega-union. Although it started as a small group of poker players, today it is considered an international phenomenon and hundreds of players from all continents are part of it. Its members have, therefore, an unparalleled level of massive traffic, comparable to few other unions in existence at the moment, and it is in the process of expanding, as PPPoker also has an upward forecast.

The synergy that has been created with this mega-union is unique and very positive. The players of the clubs that are integrated in PrimeTime Union have a very high variety of games, with the possibility of enjoying very varied competitions, a wide range of rewards and great possibilities of finding a game that really suits what the player is looking for. Something that not many platforms can boast and that PPPoker achieves thanks to its first mega union.

PrimeTime Union has a series of exclusive PPST tournaments, an incentive for those looking for unique poker games as a reward for belonging to an exclusive poker union. The PPSTs are the PPpoker Shared Tournaments, shared PPPoker tournaments that are shared with other PPPoker unions but have been specifically created and designed by PrimeTime Union, being in charge of ensuring the proper functioning of each of the tournaments.

In addition, PrimeTime Union is very oriented to recreational players, so it is ideal for players looking to enjoy an occasional game without major pretensions, but who do not want to leave aside the competitive nature of the game.

On the other hand, PrimeTime Union has one of the most extensive networks of wallets and purses, covering practically any point on the planet. Thanks to the security provided by the union in this regard, joining PrimeTime is one of the best ways to ensure that any transaction made online meets PrimeTime Union’s standards of security and transparency.