The importance of live streaming channels in sporting events and elite competitions worldwide such as Twitch is huge, especially considering the reach that these platforms have.

To give an example, thousands of fans have watched the most recent World Series of Poker live on Twitch, and the audience levels have only gone up. A symptom that more and more poker fans are looking not only to enjoy poker competitions on broadcast channels with the highest quality, but also to improve their own game thanks to the tools that these platforms use.

The basics of poker streaming through platforms such as Twitch

Twitch has been one of the platforms that has been able to channel the audience following the main poker games to date. The basis is simple: a camera is used to focus on the table and the player, and the content is streamed live through the service. However, to avoid cheating it is done with a few minutes delay, so that opponents can avoid extracting clues for their own benefit.

Viewers have the option to make comments during the game (although they can be restricted if the host prefers), and can enjoy the game from privileged angles, studying different aspects that would otherwise be unthinkable.

It is clear that on Twitch poker has gained a lot of presence, especially thanks to YouTube’s restrictions on betting and gambling, leaving Twitch at the head of the service provider where to host poker broadcasts. In fact, this happens because the latest regulations of platforms such as YouTube prohibit monetizing poker and gambling content in general, a reason that has led to the exodus to Twitch, which is now the most watched platform.

Ways of viewing poker using Twitch

There are broadly two ways to enjoy a Twitch broadcast of poker. The first is the universal one, which every player can access. Let’s not forget that Twitch is a free service where you can access any available content at no additional cost.

However, there are exclusive contents that depend on each user and that can only be viewed with an active user subscription. This is where the well-known Subscribers Mode comes into play. All videos in this mode will only be available to those viewers who have paid their subscription, which helps to maintain a flow of monetary retribution to help those who upload videos.

Depending on the content, some videos may be openly available to all types of viewers, while other more specific videos will go into Subscribers Mode. This is often the case with global events such as the WSPs. Thousands of viewers follow the World Series of Poker on Twitch, for example, but only those who are subscribed to a specific player’s profile can access the content he publishes for his followers.

This model is mainly used by players who create a whole series of tutorials for poker novices and for those who use the platform as a study channel to improve their own game. Thus, we can say that there is a Poker TV on Twitch where you can keep up to date with all the content related to international competitions and tournaments, while the videos that each player uploads may only be available to those who have paid a fee to contribute to keeping the profile active.

Benefits of using Twitch to watch poker content

It is no secret that on Twitch poker is one of the star contents, especially if we take into account that it is one of the few platforms that has not restricted the monetization of these retransmissions. But what does Twitch really have to make it by far the preferred platform for viewing online poker content? To understand it just take a look at this article where the main reasons that make Twitch one of the best options for amateur players are collected, but let’s delve a little deeper into the subject.

The restrictions on monetization that other platforms have launched have led to the creation on Twitch of a whole series of channels dedicated to poker where viewers can enjoy the main poker events of the moment, creating a sort of Poker TV on Twitch with a schedule to enjoy all the content that is published in relation to the WSPs and similar tournaments.

Using Twitch to watch live poker competitions has multiple advantages not only from the point of view of an amateur, but especially from that of a novice player eager to improve his game.

It allows you to get to know the players better

To begin with, watching live poker games on Twitch TV helps to get to know the players better, especially the owner of the channel. Keep in mind that not all professional poker players are good at broadcasting content. It is not only necessary to know a lot about poker, but also to know how to broadcast it to those who do not know so much.

On Twitch there are plenty of profiles, it is simply a matter of choosing the one that best suits your preferences. A great player who does not know how to teach is useless. If he is like that university professor you had, who was an eminence in his field, but was not good at teaching, it will be difficult for you to advance more.

It allows you to learn the different concepts point by point

There are profiles that are dedicated to creating a whole series of detailed videos where they explain all the important aspects of a poker game. The best ones are those in which there is content for all tastes, and where they deal with aspects as basic as the hierarchy of hands to advanced concepts such as variance.

To give you an idea, on Twitch the channels that monetize their content the most are those that create lists of content for all types of players, since everyone really seeks to improve their game using the point of view of professional players.

These videos should be taken for what they are, video lessons. Although practice and visualization can help a lot (and, in fact, are essential to improve in poker) to raise the level, if you are looking to really learn it is best not to use the platform to watch competitions for leisure. Watching the World Series of Poker on Twitch can be very instructive, but it will never offer as much detail as in the player’s personal profile, where specific aspects will be explained first hand and in depth that in a competition you will only see in passing.

Choosing a specific player profile

The choice of profiles is so wide and there are so many options when it comes to subscribing to a profile to learn how to play poker that for a new player it can be overwhelming. Keeping in mind that a good player does not have to be a good teacher, only experience will make you end up finding a profile that you like and that you can use to instruct yourself in the vast world of poker.

To give you an idea, some of the best poker profiles on Twitch belong to big names, such as Daniel Negreanu, but there are rising stars who do not yet have a large legion of followers and yet are great specialists in video streaming, such as Spain’s Sergio Aido or Argentina’s Celeste Oroná.

Having content adapted to a certain style will make what can be learned more didactic, absorbing the knowledge better and increasing the user’s interest in the player’s profile, which has a very positive impact on both the viewer and the content creator.