The use of mathematics applied to poker is not so crazy, since any strategy followed in card games is carried out by logic, which is also closely related to math in general. Although at school we could suppose one of the “bone” subjects in which many people fell and were not seen as a productive way out of the sums and the resolution of certain problems, since it was thought that they were not useful for the daily life, well it is certain that, when you analyze correctly any operation that we do in our day to day, we carry out calculations, we analyze movements or we program, something that also has much importance in the mathematics.

When we talk about poker mathematics, we will find out that, if you know how to use it correctly, you will have in your hand the possibility of winning a great amount of games and, of course, money. We should tell you that the best professional poker players all over the world have a huge memory capacity, but above all, they know very well about mathematics.

How to use mathematics applied to poker?

Poker is a game in which it is convenient to know quite well the combinations of the cards, so, unlike what many people may think, it is a game in which you will need to have at your disposal a huge amount of strategies and tactics to manage to take the table. In this game the important thing is not only going to be the cards that you have in your hand and those that are on the table, but you also have to know how to count and analyze the cards that the other players discard in the case of traditional poker or even deduce what cards might interest the opponents in a game of Texas Holdem.

Knowing how to use the mathematics of poker is simply essential for this game, leaving luck aside, since even if you start with a bad hand and with cards that are not going to help you at first, it is good to know that if you know how to use math you can turn the game around and take it.

In the case of the most beginners, we will find that the mathematics applied to poker will focus almost exclusively on the probability of winning the hand we have or even the final pot itself. This kind of probabilities is something essential and very common, since we will analyze this data so that we can get an idea if what we need is to stop betting and withdraw or on the contrary, bet hard to win.

Losing the fear of mathematics in poker

We should lose the fear of using math in poker, as well as be aware that it will be a more than reliable tool to achieve a win, provided we know how to use it well. As we have mentioned, we will have to leave intuition and luck aside, since intuition may make us not understand a good hand as so or, on the contrary, think that we have a solution to everything, when it is not really so. With luck, exactly the same thing happens. We may be waiting for luck to smile on us, but while it does not, we are losing the money with which we made the bets, so we should take the mathematics of poker and use it to our advantage.

Usefulness of mathematics applied to poker

The first utility is to know the number of cards you have in a poker deck. Although it may seem logical, knowing that a deck will have a total of 52 cards that are divided into 4 different suits and each suit will have 13 values is a way to control the tools with which you will start playing. With these cards you will have to create combinations, having to analyze the probabilities that you have of a card coming out in your favor or the odds.

The number of cards can help you to know the outs of the flop, since multiplying by four the number that will give you, you can more or less know the possibilities that you have to achieve a combination that will help you win the game. It is a practice that requires many hours of practice so you can do it almost automatically.

Another way to apply the poker mathematics to your hand is to value the return it has, something called hope calculation or expected value of the cards in hand. You must know that, once it has been analyzed, a negative or positive result can come out, so in the case of a negative number, we will have to avoid continuing with the game since the possibility of losing will be quite high.

So that you can keep in mind what means mathematical hope, if you have a coin and a person bets on tails and heads, it is impossible to have an advantage or a disadvantage in this roll, since the calculation will say that you have fifty percent in each case of being right or wrong. If, for example, on a dice a person chooses four sides and another one only two, the result for the first one could be more beneficial since he has more probabilities of winning with a roll. This happens exactly with poker cards, so it is convenient to have all the cards well analyzed and counted.

There are many poker strategy books on the market that use mathematics to help you get a better analysis of the moves you have in hand, as well as to know what you should do at every moment, so that your head can concentrate more easily. The study of math in poker through books or even videos, as well as the possibility of playing games to internalize the concepts can make you a professional player.