It is no mystery that online poker has experienced a surprising boom in recent years, especially in 2020, and much of the blame for this renaissance experienced by the online game at the beginning of this decade has been the PPPoker application, which has adapted to the new times to offer just what users were looking for: fun poker games in safe virtual environments and with exclusive incentives.

The constant improvements that the platform has undergone have made PPPoker deserve very positive opinions for the most part among users who have used it to perfect their skills in an online poker game on its servers.

In the beginning, PPPoker was a play money platform that was designed to play with friends. In fact, clubs were a priority in PPPoker as it was a platform with a high social component, allowing to organize cash tables or tournaments with friends. This premise gradually caught on among a growing legion of players until PPPoker has become famous for hosting private games with real money.

It is true that originally it was not possible to use real money in PPPoker, but how does this concept work in practice? Very simple: by assigning each chip a real economic value, so that at the end of the game the chips are assigned a real value that becomes effective during the conversion. In this type of games, the financial responsibility towards the players falls directly on the promoters, agents and cashiers of the club.

Now, although in PPPoker the clubs play an important role and have proliferated those who have decided to give a real economic value to the chips on the platform, it is necessary to remember that this is a social platform, giving only tools to the player to enjoy a game of poker with friends without major complications in the home of PPPoker. This is how the platform works, falling at all times on the shoulders of the players themselves the responsibility to assume the risks involved in this type of games.

What makes PPPoker different from any other poker room?

Part of PPPoker’s success is that it has brought together a concept of poker that in many countries is illegal or limited to underground games or exclusively home environments. In other words, it has created the necessary tools to be able to play online in the same way as in any other environment, only with a 100% regulated infrastructure and with the possibility of playing poker with friends intact.

The premise of the platform has been very well received around the world, making it full of good reviews. In fact, when searching the web for things about PPPoker, the average review left by every user who has played online poker on its server is that it manages to combine the best of home games with the goodness of online servers, making both grinders and club owners find an experience as close as possible to live poker.

What PPPoker offers is a familiar and pleasant virtual environment to enjoy poker with friends, making available an experience very similar to live poker, but without many of the drawbacks. That’s why some of the biggest names in the industry, such as iPoker or WPN, decided to forge alliances with PPPoker and migrate to their platform, which ended up making thousands of players from all over the world join PPPoker and its players clubs.

How exactly does PPPoker work?

PPPoker is an online poker platform that allows its players to play poker games with friends and acquaintances in secure virtual environments. It has gained a lot of popularity in countries such as Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore or the United States and, according to what users have said about PPPoker in their reviews, it is a very accessible and ideal platform for anyone who has not yet decided to take the plunge into online poker.

It is important that you know everything about PPPoker: how it works, what advantages it has compared to other platforms… Then you will understand why it has attracted so many players from all over the world. To begin with, you should know that the level of play of the opponents that can be found in PPPoker is much lower than in regular rooms, which makes PPPoker much more accessible. But also, the level is always limited to their experience at live tables, so it is easier to find games with players of a more appropriate level.

In addition, the layout of the tables helps to make reading the interface much more agile, since the tables are arranged vertically in order to adapt the display modes to the screens of cell phones and tablets, which are the devices most commonly used to play poker online.

In addition, deposits and withdrawals are always broker-mediated, making use of cryptocurrencies and other payment processors via personal P2P transfers. However, it is important that both promoters and agents are trustworthy, as the absence of official regulations can cause certain fraudulent promoters to wreak havoc on the games. It is advisable to be very scrupulous when choosing an agent to avoid possible fraud in the games. In fact, a characteristic feature of PPPoker, which has been reviewed positively on more than one occasion, is the possibility of resorting to large affiliates, which can offer a service with insurance against possible fraud.

About rake, rakeback, bonuses and promotions

PPPoker is not a centralized poker room, but rather a platform where private companies can operate to enrich the offer of providers. That variety and that desire to enhance the security of the games has made PPPoker accumulate very positive opinions on the network, postulating itself as the best alternative to provide a safe environment for those players who prefer to move to the digital plane and with greater security their love for poker.

But PPPoker is not very different from conventional poker rooms in aspects such as rakeback, being available here also this bonus on the percentage of the bet that takes the table. Although it varies depending on the club, the rakeback of PPPoker is situated in very advantageous values, ranging between 10% and 50%.

As for the rake, this is established by the host itself. Usually, it is around 5% with a cap of 3bb, but in some cases a much higher commission can be set. In addition, something that characterizes PPPoker and that in the opinions of users has also been reflected has been the application of a no flop, no drop system to collect the rake. That is, before the flop no commissions of any kind are charged.

Since it is not a centralized poker room, loyalty strategies can be more aggressive and offer greater advantages to users. In fact, this is the case in PPPoker, since promotions are carried out only in the companies that operate on the platform and may vary from one to another.

But all this works apart from the casual games, which also continue to operate. In addition to the closed games, which can only be accessed by invitation, the player can find tournaments that are played with fictitious money, and which can be accessed from the General Lobby tab. In these games, although no real money is wagered, prizes are awarded to the winners. In recent editions, the winner has even been given tablets, smartphones, tickets to attend PPPoker live series in Europe and Brazil, and even satellites to tournament series, such as PPST.

Currently, PPPoker has more than 5,000 active tables, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, hosting clubs from different parts of the world: American, Asian, Brazilian and even Indian. This has an impact on PPPoker’s traffic, which can compete with the biggest platforms in the market. Tournaments, as reflected in PPPoker the opinions of its regular players, are booming and it is possible to find games with any kind of stake.

About PPPoker software

PPPoker is a platform that was created with the Chinese poker rooms in mind, only with modifications to be able to play with only one hand. To this need responds the vertical design of the tables and other improvements that have been added over time, making tournaments enjoy greater stability.

A very appreciated aspect by PPPoker players, and their opinions and evaluations on the network have attested to it, has been its statistics control system through the HUD, both in multi-table tournaments and in cash games. This feature, available by purchasing a black card in the app store, allows the player to view the VPIP, 3-bet, PFR and so on.

Is a platform like PPPoker reliable?

PPPoker was originally conceived as a platform for playing with virtual chips. Since there are no gaming licenses to regulate this type of poker rooms, any financial transaction made by the player and the room host is based on the trust they both place in each other, which is, in turn, the best basis to function accordingly.

The platform has a random number generator audited by Gaming Labs, known in the industry for making objective judgments and preserving the integrity of the system throughout its infrastructure.

In addition to the security provided by PPPoker’s virtual environment is the speed with which restrictions that have traditionally been imposed on these platforms, such as collusion, are enforced. Collusion is understood as team play, which is used to adulterate the final result of the game and artificially increase the profit margin of each player. It is not a common problem in PPPoker, but whenever it has happened those responsible have been punished with the confiscation of funds.

And having the certainty that behind the service provider hides a team capable of responding to the problems that players can detect gives a lot of security, and is one of the reasons why PPPoker has welcomed such a high volume of users.

Finally, PPPoker also has a membership system that has many advantages compared to other platforms in the industry. PPPoker players have access to a minimum bankroll guarantee, access to a softer spread, a rakeback of up to 50%, access to PPPoker HUD to monitor the most technical aspects of the game, a highly reliable and very agile withdrawal system, as well as the advice of a technical team that is available 7 days a week.