What interests the most when taking the first steps on a new poker platform is rake and rakeback. These percentages have a direct impact on the profit margin of the players, and that is why everyone studies which ones are more favorable for them.

Although each platform is free to set its own limits, normally the rake and rakeback percentages are in the same range. But for you to know how it works and what are the PPPoker rake and rakeback ratios, we have prepared this article. Go for it!

What is rake in poker

The rake in poker is a small commission that the house applies to the winnings and that it charges in concept of game management. Taking into account that the activity and the work of the houses have an expense, the rake is a small percentage that is discounted from the final prize.

Its amount, almost symbolic in comparison with the magnitude of the prize, serves to partially offset the cost of maintaining the player support team, the network infrastructure where the game takes place and all the security tools that guarantee proper functioning. of rooms and operations.

The rake is always calculated taking into account the total pot in each hand. The fee actually varies depending on the table limit and the game format. The bigger the size of the pot, the more rake will be charged.

Taking into account that rake has a direct impact on long-term earnings, players have to count on it in the overall future earnings ratio.

What is rakeback in poker

Poker rakeback is born from the intention of encouraging and reducing the negative impact that rake has on players’ immediate and long-term earnings. The rakeback is always less than the rake, because it is the percentage of the rake that is returned to the player as compensation. A way to mitigate those losses that is also used as a loyalty tool and is very useful for readjusting long-term calculations of player earnings.

Rakeback is usually included in a rewards program. These programs help encourage players to continue to be part of their community, keeping in mind that player communities are what really drive the platforms. A community that is motivated and rewarded for its dedication will be more active than one where, apart from playing, you don’t get any kind of particular reward for your hours of play.

It is also interesting to see how rakeback is integrated into reward programs. Seeing what associated incentives there are can be decisive in choosing one platform or another, so we recommend that you take a look at them before joining.

Rakeback is normally calculated based on a percentage of total rake that a player has accumulated in a given period of time. These terms can be one week, two weeks, one month… Each platform chooses its terms.

Rake and rakeback structure at PPPoker

PPPoker is a much loved and popular online poker platform. There are several things that have caught the attention of its users, and yes, rake and rakeback are two of them. Because at PPPoker, the rake and rakeback structure is designed to benefit the players, and that they get new opportunities to increase their earnings again.

Far from being some sort of tax, rake at PPPoker is designed to encourage higher rakeback, helping players accumulate greater rewards with their rewards programs.

PPPoker has a Weighted Rake Contribution System, which it uses to calculate the rake. Instead of simply dividing the rake between the players in the hand, which is what is normally done, with this system a proportional part of the rake is allocated to each of the players, based on their contribution to the pot. That is, it is all much fairer because those who make larger bets will pay a little more rake.

To calculate rakeback, PPPoker uses its Automatic Rakeback System, which allows each player to be automatically assigned a fixed percentage of rakeback based on their playing volume and the amount of rake they have paid.

The more hours played and the more rake generated, the higher the rakeback percentage you will receive, encouraging action and motivation from PPPoker players.

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