Online scams exist everywhere we go, even in the most important platforms you can find people who try by all means to get victims to fall into their clutches in order to take advantage of the moment, getting personal data of interest and then selling it to third parties or even emptying your pockets in less time than you might think. These fraudulent activities also occur in online poker, one of the most well-known being scamming, among many others. In this article we want you to be able to identify them and, above all, prevent them from stealing everything you have and not enjoying your online poker game.

What is online poker scamming?

You could say that, in English, the term used in poker to talk about a deceiving or swindle is called scam, although as you will see below, it is going to be called a specific type of scam that is carried out in online poker and that can make you run out of money in less than you think, just like the rest of the players at the table.

When we talk about scamming in online poker games we refer to expert or professional players who pretend to be players that have just started playing, impersonating amateurs. This can be achieved thanks to different techniques, being among the most known the creation of a secondary or false account, while theirs remains untouchable and only using it for tournaments or important games with the same level. The players that enter the table, when they see a recently registered user or one that has only played a few games, can become very confident, relaxing and not concentrating, so, when you least expect it, you can find that the player that is supposed to be a newcomer, starts to win games and manage to get everyone’s chips at once. Once he has done this and he can take the money out of the online casino, he will eliminate that account or simply stop using it, and then he will perform the same strategy again.

In order to avoid this scam, the specialists advise you to dedicate the maximum attention to all the players and if you find that a player who should have a low level, because he has few hours of game or within the ranking is not above you, the advisable thing is that you can leave the game or retire from the table, because behind there can be a person who wants to swindle you.

Online poker: most common scams

But scamming is not the only scam you can find in online poker, there are many and very varied, having to be in perfect concentration at all times to prevent these scammers from taking advantage of you, although online casinos are working every day to create new detection software, scammers are looking for the same way, techniques to circumvent security systems. Below you will have the possibility to check which are the most common scams and also the ways you can avoid them and even report them if necessary.

Collusion poker

The first of the most common scams we want to mention is the one called Collusion Poker and here you have to be very careful because, when you realize where the scam is, you may have ended up with quite a lot of money out of your pocket. As you know, in online poker you play individually, you against the rest of the table, looking for and analyzing each of the strategies that can make you win the game. However, when we talk about the collusion scam, we find that several players are in sync and therefore, can make the games smile at the key player, who is destined to win the game. If you want to know more about collusion in poker, read our article on the subject to find out more about this scam.

Illegal tools in online poker

Online poker has a problem and that is that there are many players who install in their computers third party programs to facilitate the analysis of the table or even the counting of the cards, being able with a simple look to this software to know with a very good proportion the hands of each one of the players.

In certain platforms and online casinos that have not installed detection programs, they can make great havoc, especially because it makes many players earn money easily, but the most important houses devote a lot of effort to prevent this from happening, and that’s why when they detect a player using a tool that is not among those allowed, they are not only blocked and banned, but all the money stays at home, making it impossible for that person to enter more by the IP of the computer or laptop.