The life of poker stars is sometimes not as simple as many could imagine, since there are many ups and downs, especially in the beginning, because parents or relatives do not always see with good eyes that their children play poker, much less online and prefer they rather follow a normal life, doing their university studies, getting a conventional job and without leading a life of excess and where money can come in as fast as it can also evaporate. One of the most impressive and charismatic stories of professional or elite poker is with the Dang brothers, a couple who were at the top of the ranking, but due to various circumstances and personal decisions, they ended up forming a chain of restaurants all over the United States.

The Dang brothers’ beginnings in poker

The beginnings of these brothers in the world of online poker was in 2000, although they had already played face-to-face games for a couple a years, making some money, although it was something that their parents did not see with good eyes since they thought that poker was something that was not destined to kids like them but was a card game that had more to lose than to win, especially because of the image they received from movies of the time.

Both Di and Hac Dang promised their parents that they would achieve their university degrees so that they could have peace of mind, but that in their free time they would continue playing poker online. The Dang brothers from their early years in elementary education were looking for ways to earn money, sometimes getting resell by eBay products such as highly valued Pokémon cards or even other types of gadgets considered a collection. This led them to propose playing poker to get real money, since Di was very good at math and calculations, analyzing and solving complicated accounts or problems in a matter of seconds. Her brother Hac was not far behind and was always looking for ways to compete with him and beat him, being both very close in everything they did.

When they understood that poker could make fast money, they both immersed themselves in books, studying all kinds of techniques and strategies that the professionals of that time were capable of following, until they achieved in one day the amount of 35,000 dollars without any problem. Although the problems were yet to come, as they were about to leave school and they got low grades in their studies, something that made their parents call their attention and that is why they chose to hide their hobby while they also dedicated time to their studies again, sometimes playing in cyber cafes to avoid their parents to catch them in the middle of an online game at home.

The Dang brothers’ fame begins

Everything changed in the Dang family when his father turned 50, since he found a gift on the door of his house that left everyone stunned, and is that his sons had bought a BMW M5 that had been decorated with a bow, while his mother also received another gift that day, another car, this time a Lexus. In addition to this, the Dang brothers paid all the university fees and also the loans they had applied for in order to be able to do the career.

From this moment on, their parents decided to give in and understand that the dream they had of their children being normal people with professions such as doctor or scientist was going to come to nothing, but they supported the work that they had decided to take Di and Hac so that they could feel united with the family. On the other hand, she also helped them acquire a mansion for the family with cash worth over a million dollars.

They began to take fame when they were given the nickname of Dang Bros achieving by playing online poker quite a lot of money, arriving to surpass the 100,000 dollars, something that made them have more followers that connected online to follow their games and enjoy their poker strategies, being of an amazing quality and above all, something that has characterized the way of playing of these brothers, with much honesty.

From poker to the kitchen

The Dang Bros managed to be at the top, reaching number 5 and 6 in the world ranking, however, for various reasons, such as the prohibition in several states of online games, one of which was precisely where they lived, they sought ways to change their way of making money. On the one hand, one of the brothers saw that what they had to do was to go to Canada to get the maximum possible benefit from online poker, however, the decision they made was not even close to the game of cards, and instead they decided to open a restaurant.

It was one of the few times that the Dang brothers argued, since they had still got a chance in poker. But they changed everything for the world of kitchens. First they opened a restaurant that didn’t go well, although they invested a lot in it until it finally came up as they wanted, managing to create other restaurants throughout the state and, although the first grades weren’t exactly good, they kept coming back and gaining prestige.

The reasons why they left poker in the background is that they could always bet on it at any time, since they had the skill, knowledge and practice to re-position themselves as the best, but they wanted to look for a different challenge, something that would mean putting their financial and business skills into practice so that in the future they could support themselves from these restaurants if they left the poker world aside forever.